Squirters - what do you use to protect your bed?

Hi! I'm curious what you use to keep your bed dry.

I've used latex bed sheets, disposable incontinence bed pads and thick towels. Only the two first work well enough, but I cannot sleep on the bed while they're on. I hurt my back 2 years ago, the plastic doesn't let the skin 'breathe' and the humidity/heat combination while I sleep causes me to be in pain.

At the same time, it's quite unsexy and can ruin the moment if we need to take a break to 'make the bed' before or after Every Single Time we have sex.

So, how have you solved it? Does anyone have any suggestions?

For solo I use a thick towel/bath sheet folded over as many times as I can whilst keeping it big enough to be useful! It doesn't also work but most times it's enough as long as I remove it fairly quickly after. I have thought about plastic but don't like the idea.

That's what I do as well, and it works for solo!

Maybe I should have phrased my question better... I meant when with a partner. A towel is neither practical nor enough then. :(

Waterproof backed picnic blanket 😉

I've got a mattress protector? Goes under the sheet, just an extra layers. So the top gets wet but doesn't soak through all the way to the mattress. Since I never know when it'll happen, it just stays on all the time. Easy removal of the sheet and the protector!

Terri JJ wrote:

Waterproof backed picnic blanket 😉

What a good idea!! We have a super king so struggle to find a pvc bedsheet, we have a protector on anyway but can't be arsed to change bedding daily!!! Usually use about 5 towels lol x

I have absolutely no experience of this, but that has yet to stop me chipping in about most things. 🙂

I was considering 'what would I do?' and I thought about maybe putting one of those mattress toppers over my already made up mattress. Add a plastic back sheet to that, then a regular sheet on top. Once you're done then whip the whole mattress topper off to reveal your pre-made normal bed underneath. Et voila! Plastic to no plastic in minutes.

Obviously this could be complete ballcocks. But thanks for letting me join in anyway. 🙂

We use towels... but sometimes it isn't enough. Think we may need to find a waterproof cotton sheet.

We’re also need to investigate after going through a bad patch intercourse / sex wise due to illness etc we’ve hid to deal with it much in last year or 2 but since we’ve reconnected it’s all the time and I can’t keep up with the washing lol

Me and my parnter use towels, sometimes it isn't enough though, but we make do

I have a mattress protector on my bed like Chloe, it just stops any 'accidents' from seeping through into the mattress but doesn't mean the bedsheet gets spared.

I use a towel for solo play.

Thank you all for your replies!! I forgot to add that I also use a mattress protector and I have a thin mattress over my bed mattress. We can't stain the 'good' mattress, but I want the thin one to be protected because I can't wash it.

Terri JJ what a brilliant idea!

Ian Chimp that might work, but it might also cause the different layers to 'slide' during sex. Also, it would be easy to remove, but what about when we wake up next day? ;)
However you gave me an idea - I could try layering many non-plastic things that also have coarse texture. I could have my mattress protector, a layer of thick bath towels, a thicker cotton bedsheet, 2 more layers of strategically placed bath towels and then my regular bed sheet. It will most likely not seep through all of these, and I do have enough towels. :P

I also found a 1'00% waterproof, noise-free mattress protector' on Amazon, has anyone tried it?

I have been looking around and found the same as you Smultron. So interested to see if anyone has tried it.

We use the plastic pvc sploshing sheet that Lovehoney sells. It's lasted us ages and comes out when the wife is feeling particularly horny. Just use a towel or too on top tho for comfort and to soak up the squirt. Or let your OH do that too haha.

If we’re expecting some squirting action or having a session with anything that may make a mess such as oils we use the vinyl sheets:

But if we’re in the heat of the moment we have some extra thick towels which are always in the chest at the bottom of the bed we can get in a hurry. We also have a mattress protector so this usually helps anything getting too far through the sheets.

K&c30's let's hope someone has and that they'll chime in!

LadiesMan and LIL_KNOWN69 I use something very similar (apparently it's vinyl, not latex as I write in the OP). I got it many years ago when I visited London, but it's not a Lovehoney product. It really does work, but because of my back I cannot sleep on it and it ruins some of the fun if we have to put it on / take it off whenever we want to play.

We use Huggies dry night bed matts, perfect for the job.

The Red Hat wrote:

We use Huggies dry night bed matts, perfect for the job.

The Red Hat, do they have a plastic layer on the back?


Its a soft top layer, then a thinish plastic layer on the bottom. Can be a bit noisy unfolding, but work perfectly.