Squirting help please

Hi all. I love squirting and it is a huge turn on and fantasy of mine. My wife has squirted on a couple of occasions using vibrators mainly. I’d love to be able to make her do it too but if toys are the only way to go about it for her that’s fine by me. What I’d like to know from experienced squirters or men that can make girls squirt it’s advice, and tips to help her learn to squirt again as I know she loved it! Think of it as a training guide if you will. Please fire away! Thanks in advance for the help


Squirting is a really popular subject on here. If you pop a few keywords in the Search you should find lots of topics on it. :+1:


My wife, at 69 years old, has just started squirting. There’s no established pattern to it so far. The only common factor is that happens most frequently after a long edging session but not every time.


I always find that the girls I’ve made cum have to be in a particular position and extremely wet (whether with natural moisture, lube or spit).

I always find laying a female on her back, hold both legs back with a forearm and start some vaginal play and massage the vagina. Once she’s wet and really wanting more, insert index finger and “marriage ring” finger and make an up and down motion. Don’t start fast, slowly build it up and read the body language. Never change it up too quickly as it can ruin the pattern.

Usually you can hear just before they come as A LOT of squelching starts happening. This is all whilst still having the legs popped up with the forearm. I find that if you place the forearm behind the knees, it’s easy to keep them held up.

That’s what’s worked for me on multiple partners. Even the ones who say “I can’t squirt” <— they’re my favourite kinda people because they’ll squirt the most.

Most important thing, nearly forgot to mention, your partner MUST be relaxed. I’ve been told by multiple partners it feels like they’re about to piss the bed and you have to feel really relaxed in order to just let that sensation go. If they’re not relaxed, they won’t squirt. It’s amazing, I love squirting and always best to do it when hydrated.

Hope this helps & like I say, works for me but will be different for people.

Drink water and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue::droplet:


Famous porn star from the 80’s Nina Hartley produced several very professionally done videos on anywhere from swinging, anal & yes how to squirt. I actually have some of these educational videos so i can tell you they are very well done. I actually have the 3 i mentioned. Look them up!

This is exactly it. I was trying to figure out how to word what I experience as I’m a frequent squirter but didn’t know where to start but this hit the nail on the head. My husband is the only one that has been able to get me to squirt every single time we have sex. I asked him what he was doing and showed me. This description is so accurate. As well as the part about being relaxed and being able to hear as it’s just about to happen.


I’ve never squirted :see_no_evil: I hope someday I will!

I’ll have to try this out with my husband… I don’t think he really cares if I squirt because I never have, but then if I did, he’d be real into it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m sure your other half would love it, it’s so satisfying watching someone squirt and getting messy. Absolutely love it :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue:

How about toys? None ever given you a sensation like you’re going to squirt?

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Maybe it’s a trusted method! Perhaps a tutorial video is incoming :rofl:

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I don’t know if I’d recognize a sensation like I’m gunna squirt since I never have… I’m still relatively new to toys :grimacing: I’m love love loving my clit toys, I’m not crazy about my g-spot vibrator, but I love my glass dildo… When I use my bullet when we’re having sex, my orgasm is def more powerful than when I masturbate… I just don’t really know how to get there :thinking: I want to try the position you mentioned, and I do get quite wet most of the time…


I find that rubbing my wife’s clit fast ad hard as I thrust deep. Work and makes her squirt

I had a friend who squirted with a toy once but it took a longggg time and a lot of nearly squirting and losing that sensation :sweat_smile:

I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’re surprised with a wonderful big load :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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I do remember a video where a guy shows how to make his OH squirt. I’m not a huge fan of rough sex and this guy wasn’t real gentle. That being said, he used a similar technique and almost a whole palm to rub her clit and vagina while using a few fingers to grab inside near the top.

I always remember that his instructions to the camera were “Don’t worry about the size of your fingers and hand- a baby’s head can fit though here!” The video was quite long and he obviously worked his way through it to warm her up as he almost stuck his entire hand inside her and seemed to know where to go with it.

Him making her squirt seemed very calculated and cold. It always kind of made me feel like it was a bit torturous for her, but in the end, the way she writhed on the bed was fantastic. She didn’t seem to mind and he was fully clothed - no interest in sex or his own orgasm, just making her squirt… He obviously knew what he was doing with this one gal so I’m not sure it works the same for each woman but I imagine the anatomy is all in the same place - just the rest of the occasion which likely will change. She did just lay there and trusted him … impressive.

My tip probably above all others is don’t make it the end goal. Any psychological pressure will only hold her back. By all means try the above methods bit don’t make it the be all. Less pressure and expectation will probably help on the long run
Enjoy :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Squirting is a form of discharging liquid made of urine and something else during orgasm.

I agree on all points you mentioned! Hydration is crucial for any lengthy sexual act, especially when squirting. Also, if you haven’t squirted yet, it DOES NOT mean you aren’t aroused or that you aren’t excited enough.

The way you described the insertion and 'scrapping of the vaginal wall is crucial as well, while maintaining a cliroral rubbing simultaneously. The trick is to do these things you mentioned WHILE the female is completely relaxed and trusting you, and you, the one instigating it. Need to stay patient through the process and not give up too soon.

Once she is relaxed, contracting from arousal, and wet af, she should climax soon. Keeping her climaxing is key. As the organ progresses, she may then be able suddenly, without any warning other her than the sensation of having to pee, be able to squirt. Its usually after she begins organizing, but sometimes happens immediately when about to cum.

I am an ex adult filmworker and used to make particular actresses squirt like mad. I would do the same techniques you did on other girls, and they didn’t squirt, but boy, did they cum! Its up to the individual whether they cum or not based on their psychological and physical response to your touch. If if doesn’t happen, keep trying. As the two of you progress sexually and the trust strengthens along with her sexual confidence, she may do it.

You could always try “water play”, where baster-type toys are inserted into the vagina and release liquid into it. The female then can contract enough to “squirt” the liquid back out.
I think some women squirt and some don’t. If not, the point is that you both enjoy your sexual time together and are satisfied.best of luck!


That noise is quite weird to hear when you are on the receiving end … it’s like holy crap is that me ?!


I love that sound - it’s like a warning sound for the gushing that’s about to start :heart_eyes: also motivates me to not stop, just as my arm starts aching, it’s like “hang in there!” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I have been away for a while, have a new friend who I think wants to take things further. We’ve talked about it, one thing that does worry me is my ex saw squirting as peeing…

As alot of you know I am not the most confident in the bedroom…already thinking about peeing :scream:

Do you usually squirt already?

Not sure if you’re worried that your new love interest will see your squirt as pee, like you ex did?
If so, you might want to educate him before hand. And make sure you plan towels or waterproof bedding?


Hi its been a while since I had sex but I guess I am overly anxious about it and whether he’ll enjoy it overall.

Born worrier can’t help it! Thanks v much :blush: