Squirting on my face

No point in beating about the bush. So to speak. :-D

I really want my girl to squirt on my face. :-)

I'm one of the lucky guys who is able to make my OH squirt. She absolutely loves it and she cums LOADS...and over and over again and there's LOADS of it. Yum!!!!!!!!!!

My ultimate turn on is for her to do it on my face. When's he squirts.....it's an absolute uncontrollable river, which is so hot!!! not sure how to make it "spray" out of her though. Or...how I can get underneath her.

Any couples out there have any success with this? Any tips on how I can get my head down there or make it really spray me??? And would be interested to know who likes it too. :-) xxxxxxx

She wants me to cum all over her (and I have done, pretty much everywhere!!!). Would be hot to be able to return the favour. ;-) it's no biggie if we can't, I love love LOVE seeing her cum when she squirts anyway!!!

could this help?


That's not bad!!!

I'd have to be quick to get my head under. :-)

Perhaps try her sitting on a table or a counter top, and you inbetween her legs ?

Other than that i dont know, you both just have to experiment !


I do this.. I squirt loads and my BF really wants me to cum in his mouth.

Last weekend his bed was wringing wet and i managed to hit his chin ... i can seem to spray in a way but if its like your gf its hard as your trying to consentrate but your body is so tense and ready and full

let me know if the chair helps if you get it

This is good! I think I'll get the chair anyway as it looks hot. Only deal with it is, she's said before if I take my fingers out, she'll stop squirting. So I'd have to work out a way of doing it underneath, but my hand will be upside down.


Hmmm. Any more tips? Seems like you're on the right lines. Do you do anything to your body, or does he do anything special to make it spray or does it just "happen"?

She absolutely soaks the bed and I love it. First time I did it we were amazed....and I just kept doing it until she couldn't take anymore. :-) We lost count how many times she came.
Just want it on ME now. Hehehe!!!

Oh she likes your fingers in.... see i like him to totally stop and the build up just becomes so immense with teh slight cold air that or i like him blowing on my pussy ( i loveeeeeeeeeeeee coldness)
Then i get him to carry on sstop squirt carry on till eventually my body is just completely contort and the finaly time im left unable to move and the beds a right mess.. think it took 4 days to dry last time :/

I dont have any real answer as how i manage it tho hmmm Im over his tomorrow night ill try see where and how i get that bad but i generally could sit on his face and let him eat me to that point that i will

its what we plan on doing tomorrow :D

Kittens30. I'm pretty sure it'll come up tomorrow when we hook up too!!

So, sound like we're different. I work her with my two fingers and lick her clit at the same time. Slowly slide in and out * edited by moderator*  I'm careful, I don't work up too quick. Then I stand over her and slip my middle two fingers in. Can feel her getting bigger inside by this time. Then I get a lot faster, less in and out and more up and down inside on her g spot. She works her own clit...*edited by moderator* I dunno I can just feel it inside...I just know the time to get REALLY fast...then she either absolutely screams the house down or she's totally mute with a massive orgasm and it just floods out of her !!!

My sofa has become a funny talking point. We've done it on there a lot. I think I may have to throw it away soon!! It's drenched every time:-D

Glad your guy can make you do it too!! We've never looked back!!!! I totally love it!! I just want it on me (can you tell? Hahah!)


AH, i get more pleasure on my clit then inside.... the front is so tingly and certain unsexy underwear that has maybe a seam or something near will have me turned on all day y complete fluke.

Which for me is good as i dont tend to find i can make myself cum half as bad as my OH. Saying that ive started playing loads more and getting hornier as i go hahahaha


MAINLY because hes too impatient

Please read this

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Please read this

is that the right link leanne?

I'm totally asking my girl if she'll do that to me! :-D

No closer to knowing what to do to get it in my face. Will just keep thinking and talking and having fun trying to make it happen.

I'm having the best sex of my life with this girl! It's just un. fucking. believable. She feels the same. We've both never cum so much!

We're currently working up to anal with some training toys too. Constantly having fun and playing with eachother!!!! :-) :-) 😈😈

Oh, a tip. My girl uses the lovehoney g wand, but on her clit. It's her current favourite!!!! Didn't expect it to be so brilliant but it sends her through the roof. I mean it's really intense.

Sum Sub wrote:

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Please read this

is that the right link leanne?

Yes it has the graphic description details wink

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Sum Sub wrote:

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Please read this

is that the right link leanne?

Yes it has the graphic description details

ahhh I see! soz!

You cant use a dildo with your head underneath.. maybe getting confused.

Yea im finally getting what i want and my OH getting his desires and its totally HOT

😊Maybe I wasn't clear. What really makes her squirt is me using my fingers either with her rubbing her clit or with the g-wand on her clit (the latter makes her orgasm MASSIVE). Some forums say take your fingers out just before she squirts and it will spray, but she's told me NEVER to do that if she's cumming. Impossible to have my fingers in her (pointing up towards her tummy) AND get my head underneath her when she's squirting.

So solution is I get her to spray or I find a way to make her squirt with my head under. 😊😊

keep the advice coming. And squirt success stories.

keep your own tales coming too see if we can fill in teh holes with advice ;)

Ill let you know how my friday night goes :)

I really want to be able to do this! Havent managed it as yet.

Oh Leanne was that to do with teh bit that got moderated ..

So sorry i didnt see it or realise what i was doing x


I was moderated too. Oops.