Have never managed to squirt, have read about it and would love to. Has anyone got any tips or pointers which will help me, I gather that G spot stimulation helps, but still no success.

Wow, you realy dont know what you are missing... I have only squirted once, but that was the last time I had sex with my patner (my patner lives in Holland), and I hope it wasn't the last time...
I dont realy know any tips, all I can tell you is that my patner was going hard and fast into me in doggy style and i was using a silver bullet on my clit at the same time, and well it just kindof happened without me expecting it...

I hope that maybe that can give you some indication as to what kind of stimulation you need...

i would like to add something about squirting, i hadnt done it myself until recently and after searching the internet for some how to videos we found some...have to say it looks easy to do, and yes we have been trying and it does work, the easiest way i can explain how to do it is, use middle finger and finger fingers together, as there is more power in those 2 fingers than the index finger and middle finger as some think, u have to get the pussy wet so maybe go down on her and give her a clit abit of a workout, and then start with the fingers, slide them in and if the female is on her back then using a flicking movement upwards, or downwards if she is in her stomach of on all fours, the movement is moving fingers together forward and backwards so u are stimulating the G spot, u have to do this for a while and not slow, and u will feel the sac fill up, once u feel it fill up and then u have to work it faster with the movements, it also might help using ur other hand to slightly put some pressure in her stomach near her bikini line as it should help her relax, and if u have done all that right then she will get to the point where she cant take no more and she will squirt, it might take some practice but in time u will master it, we have learnt all this thru the videos we found and that are by a guy called Axel Braun, he states he can make any female squirt within 30 seconds and yes he can, also, any female can squirt and its not pee like some people think its pussy juice, anyway hope this helps lol....Lucylou

do you have a link 2 that video?

i dont have a link no sorry but if u go on any download sites and type that name in it should come up, sorry i cant be anymore help....Lucylou

i would try out..... team squirt.com it worked for me....

Thanks lucylou,that sounds great and I'll look it up, I've just googled and see there are plenty of sites. Can't wait to get my first squirt.

wow thanks 4 the advice.....defo tryin that 2nyt!!!

heehee its amazing wen it happens...1st time it happend to me i was goin at it with my toy x

Kind of discovered how to by mistake. The G Spot is indeed where all the books say it is, a few inches up the vagina on the front wall. If you have little fingers like me you probably can't reach it yourself.

However, an ex was fingering me once and I was being rather naughty and wanted it faster and harder and I noticed that when he hit a certain spot it felt ace! So the easiest way to achieve a 'squirt' is get your partner between your legs fingering you with his fingers in a 'come-hither' motion so they're curved to hit your G Spot and go for it!

Me personally I need the stimulation to be quite fast and rough but when I feel I'm going to squirt if my partner pulls his fingers out at just the right time (i.e. when I say!) then I can squirt quite far and the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction is immense!

I can occasionally achieve it through very very rough and hard thrusting during intercourse but then obviously the squirt kind of dribbles out instead and generally makes everything wet!

There are also lots of specially designed G Spot toys on the market! Have fun!

Tried this a few times with the Mrs, no luck yet, does anybody know if everyone can do it or is just the chosen few. She has a very quick & different orgasm with a Rabbit Vibe but no squirting.

never used to ,but now its nearly all the time.and loads of it.my man makes me squirt whenever he wants to,in seconds,with three fingers.when i'm gagged and wear a blindfold its even more intence.

What a lucky girly I am!

I have an amazing boyfriend who can make me squirt (gush copiously!) within seconds of putting his fingers on the right spot!

I have intense orgasms anyway but there is NOTHING that compares to a huge gusher!!!

He works the area to build up the 'well' which we can both feel and hear (kind of squelchy!) then depending on whether it's during a quickie or a long, teasing session, I squirt obscene amounts of clear, odourless, slightly sweet but pretty much tasteless fluid. With his fingers f***ing me it hits the palm of his hand and sprays us both, shooting up to hit my breasts and even at times, into MY OWN mouth which is soooooo amazingly horny!

The downside to this is that it goes through layers of towels and sprays so much it's pretty difficult to contain, so I've had to get a waterproof cover for my poor mattress. But lets not get hung up on the mess :-)

One of the most horny things is for him to do it after having come inside me. When the dam bursts I pulse and shoot his thick, white come out of me with such ferocity it is just like watching a man shoot his load! Laying giggling and immensely satisfied with his come projected from my own pussy all over my lovely flat tummy is just one of the most awesome things to watch and experience.

Even during the most brief, snatched moments it is amazing. This weekend we stood in his bathroom stealing a crafty snog, when he reached under my skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and began to finger me intently. Despite holding back as I was desperately trying to be silent, I very quickly came...spraying come all over my hitched-up skirt and pouring down my leg to soak my shoe and form a puddle on the floor!

I rarely squirt during intercourse itself as it is the precision that makes it happen, but my 'normal' orgasms are delightfully powerful anyway :-)

Similarly I can't make myself squirt as my fingers can't quite reach the spot but of all the toys I adore using only one does the trick. The 'Rock Chick' gets me every time, working its magic with amazing precision. When I say I rock myself to sleep very regularly I mean it quite literally!

Enough now, off for a little siesta ;-)

I'm looking forward to chatting to others about this fabulous phenomenon.

Take care xx

wow you are lucky, sounds great.

Ive just looked and LH do the Rockchic £10 less then annsummers http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2561

is this the one as it looks fab

Oh definately, you can not beat a jolly good squirt...LOL

Yes sweetie, that's the one!

Thanks for your comments :-)

It really is wonderfully as the texture is firm but soft to touch and lubed up it feels amazing rubbed on your p***y whilst taking it inside.

Good old LH, beat the others on price all the time. I only got mine from AS as I hosted a party and got it discounted.

Do let me know if you take the plunge (so to speak!) ;-)

Take care xx

I will defo update if I take the plunge hehe,

it looks fab so im just off to add it to my wishlist.

thanks hun xx

You are very welome Ms Sexychic xx

Hi Sublime, glad to see a fellow squirter on here! Know what you mean about the wet matress LOL! Found lots of good advice on this LH thread: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/sex-tips-and-advice/9-female-ejaculation/, including using waterproof picnic blankets to preserve your poor old matress - best thing we've done!

I do fancy a rock chick but will it hit my g spot!? Just my luck it'll miss mine!