Stocking never fit me

I am a size 16 but I am also only 5’1 and to find a stocking with a short length but more on a larger size is a nightmare. Some reason stocking only come in petite sizes if your a petite weight. I have never been able to wear stockings for this reason. I want to wear stockings and it so annoying, does anyone know where I could get some?

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I’m 5"2 and size 18/20 all the ones that I’ve purchased from lovehoney have been a great fit (in the plus size section) hopefully someone will be able to recommend specific ones for you but due to forum rules people won’t be able to recommend any competitors.

Hi @BDSMFetish - sorry to hear you’re having issues with stockings fitting! I’m afraid people won’t be able to recommend places other than Lovehoney as it goes against the rules to share competitor websites.

Is the issue that they’re coming up too high then? I often find stockings don’t come up high enough for me, and I’m only 5’5, so you may have better luck with different stockings. Lovehoney sell loads - it may be worth looking for ones that come up shorter on the model as this will give you a better indication.

I personally love the look of high stockings though and am always on the look out for ones that will stay up high over my juicy thighs!

@Llyahl and @SexInTheCity

I have tried a few brands and they are to long on me to the point they are touching my bum and are still baggy. I recently bought some off Lovehoney and had the same issue. I just need a beautiful smaller lady in height who is curvy to recommend what they have bought and been successful wearing.

Perhaps you could suggest petite ones to lovehoney in the Pander to me! … PRODUCTS ONLY topic

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