Stockings and Suspenders

I'm a big fan of petite ladies wearing stockings and suspenders during sex (and high heel shoes and a big smile!) Somehow it just enhances the whole experience. Black seems to be my favourite.

Are there any other fans here on the forum? :-D

Oh yes. That What Katie Did stuff does it in style ;-)

Ooh, I love wearing stocking and suspenders (and occasionally shoes) during sex. Actually, to be honest, I love wearing stockings and suspenders and heels pretty much all the time. Just feels so sexy.

i love going out for a meal or cinema etc (the posher the better) knowing that i'm wearing something really kinky underneath, especially when every time i move i can feel it in certain places and i know when we get home its going to get wild!
i like letting my man have the smallest peek at what i am keeping secret in the middle of the evening so i can feel his excitment growing as the evening goes on!!

Yeah, I love wearing stockings and suspenders, and I have a large pair of black stilletos, it makes me feel very sexy to put on a show for someone.

I was going to an Ann Summers party and my boyfriend gave me some money for it hoping I'd come back with something very sexy! I didn't tell him what I ordered, hoping it would be a suprise when he saw it on me. I chose the 'cherry' suspender and stocking set which is so pretty, innocent and yet extremely sexy! It was the first time I had tried wearing this sort of thing; but it was obvious he loved it!!!

yes i agree, the cherry suspender set is gorgeous, i have a few sets of lacy hold ups to go with sexy basques/ corsets that i love wearing with some small little thongs :)that puts a smile on my mans face

I'm a big fan of seamed stockings from What Katie Did and Agent Provocateur. Why is it they're just so kinky? ALthough I don't like conventional suspender belts- broader more modern looking ones just seem to be more flattering on me.

The dangly bits on the traditional ones give you something to twang :-) Oh, and when a girl is bent over in front of you they frame her ass beautifully!

Excuse me - I need a cold shower now...

Seemed stocking are lovely. I'm a particular fan of seamed fishnet stockings -- yum.
I used to have a plain black nylon pair that were lace topped, seamed, cuban heel, and had a cute little bow at the heel, too. I loved them to pieces but they got laddered and I've never been able to find a pair quite as nice since :(

You're very welcome. I really like mine, and at that price you can experiment. I do have more expensive ones, and they're nice too, but these ones are cool as well.

oooo imeldaimelda, might have to go buy some of those... have many many many pairs of stockings to my name, and do in fact not own any tights anymore, stockings are so much sexier and nice to wear, plus the look in a guys eyes is a treat when you slip off your skirt and are wearing those instead of tights ;) personal favourite are an opaque black pair with lacing up the back...

Imeldaimelda .....nice legs on your profile photo. Good job I'm not the jealous hubby fancies all the women on this site !

Aw shucks thanks!

I used to wear stockings all the time and my favourite thing to do was wear a skirt that only just covered the stocking tops - them when I walked or danced there would be the occasional flash of stocking top or skin....

It's how I snared my fiance - I was in a school uniform going to a club and in the middle of the street mooned him, thong and stockings.... He then called his GF of the time my name and earned a slap, funnily enough they broke up *oops*

Ooh, I love wearing a skirt just long enough with stockings, too :) It looks fantastic, in my opinion.
Cute story :)

I really really hope so ;) Miss Kitty - good on you girl ;) Used to love stokcings then put on a fair bit of weight - however, it's coming off again (WOOHOO!) so mebbe I'll get them out again :D

I love stockings, I'm a fan of the What Katie Did stockings too, especially the fishnets (I have reviewed these & the retro nylon stockings too). As I am rather large chested but normal sized everywhere else, I find it hard to find sexy lingerie that fits, so I bought a sexy basque from Bravissimo (, perfect for those of us who don't fit conventional dress sizes) which has suspenders attatched. As its from Bravissimo I know the quality is great so it will last well and their clothes fit wonderfully. There isn't much choice though as they mainly do 'everyday' underwear and you have to buy the stockings elsewhere as they don't sell them.

my fiance loves it when I wear tights and he can rip a hole in them and f*ck me through it. Expensive cos I have to keep replacing my tights but so sexy

I've never tried wearing stockings and suspenders for sex :p my boyfriend prefers everything off anyways lol