🏝 Stranded on a desert island - which toys would you have?

An easy one!

Sex toy No. 1 is a Quickshot Launch;
Sex toy No. 2 is a fully-kitted Lovesense Sex machine;

The non-sexy item would be a fully-fuelled rescue helicopter! ::grinning:

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For my 2 sexual items I would ask for the njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo because of it’s various sexual and survival acts I could use it for along with the ElectraStim AXIS Electrosex Stimulator and ElectraPads Set so I could use it as a muscle relaxer, sexual enhancer, or to make sparks that could start a fire.

For my non sexual item I would ask for the Liberator Regular Fascinator Moisture-Proof Throw so I would have something to keep me warm, cozy, and waterproof for those island rain storms.

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I would take the Lovehoney Dual Embrace, the basics t bar plug and the position wedge!

I would pick the womanizer premium https://www.lovehoney.com.au/p/womanizer-x-lovehoney-pro40-rechargeable-clitoral-stimulator/a36927g74431.html

And the fifty shades of grey vibrator

Non luxury item.would be a copy of Maya banks sweet seduction book to simulate my mind will usually said toys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My first item would be my lelo wand 2nd item would be my vibrating plug! My luxery item would be a bed!

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I think a good nights sleep is always a good idea so the luxury item being a bed is a great idea. I also think the wand would come in useful as well. It would ease the lonely days and nights. (Assuming you were on the island alone) @misskack26

If i was hoping to leave the island id have an inflatable sex doll to use as a raft, a sqweel toy to use as a sort of motor, some flavoured edible lube(would keep me fed for days lol)

The final scene of Castaway where Tom.Hanks gets rescued would have been so much better if he had been found floating on a blow up sex doll using a vibrator as a motor.

People would think he’d been shipwrecked in Magalluf !

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Exactly, my items have multiple uses lol

My Fleshlight for personal fun, if the island had natives living there and they were into bondage then a rope for tying them up to enjoy restraint play.

Luxury item my own private cinema to go relax and watch my favourite programme on occasions.

I would have to take a wand and a fleshlight. Maybe a board game too!

I also like sex toys very much