Stuff available

Hi Ive got some stuff that I no longer require, and need the cash as im a radio amateur

offers, welcome on part oir the lot.

paypal also accepted

Hiatts 2010 ex police Handcuffs and 2 keys £10.00
alcyon ex police handcuffs and 2 keys £10.00
olde english derby handcuffs and screw key £15.00
olde english ladies handcuffs chrome and acrew key £15.00
latex hood £10.00
leather hospital 2 x wrist cuffs, 2 x ankle cuffs and 2 lockable leather straps and 2 keys £45.00
leather pony bit gag £10.00

thanks, and happy new year

First posting and you've turned this into E Bay with no fees !! LOL Perhaps my hubby can sell his footie programmes on here too ??

Sorry, I can get most of that stuff cheaper at a fetish market new.

sorry love but dont do castoff's... o and happy new year to you to.

the thought of wearing someone else's cast offs....eewww

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