Sucking nipples

Whilst playing with my boobs my hubby in his wisdom decided to dip them in his bourbon to see if he liked bourbon tasting nipples. That was about an hour ago my nipples are still tingling very strange. Has anyone tried this and what was your experience :-)

no ! i havent ... is it a GOOD tingle or a wierd/nasty tingle ?

Very nice :-)

Please say it's a good tingle. Nipples that taste of bourbon? It would be like Christmas every day

[Edit] Cross post. Fantastic news!!

Well happy Christmas !!!

Lol sounds tasty

Weekend away in three weeks and malt whisky has been added to the list of things to take

"It was" Jennyb's hubby lol

Let's is know how you get ;-)

Don't worry, I will.

Complete surprise weekend away. Pick her up from work and whisk her away. In theory it's wonderfully romantic. In three and a half weeks I'll report back on how it went.

haha, awesome - I love bourbon and love nipples.

Will be trying this out on holiday next week

Maybe your nipples are tipsy. I usually tingle when I steady to get that warm alcohol induced glow.

Wow, it would appear im tipsy right now

oooo yummy

Mrs Kebert seems to have gone off nipple play, I'll have to try this next time we get the restraints out.

But with a proper whiskey obviously, not something from the colonys

This sounds interesting, and yeah quite tasty and you enjoyed it to - all happy!

Be careful using it downstairs though, that might not be safe x

I wonder if you left your nipples in there for a long time wether you'd end up drunk? Do nipples absorb booze?

my wife lets me and my mate suck navy rum off her nipples.

Not a big bourbon fan, but do love a good nipple suck! Mine do get especially sensitive and it drives me wild!

David, the world is your oyster. I've only tried white wine in the past, but this has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

A nice single malt? Yes please