Tattoos..your opinions?

i was just wondering what everyone thinks of tattoos on either sex? are you turned on/off by them or are you not really bothered and you'd rather just get down to the business? ;) also where do you think the sexiest place to have a tattoo is?

I think it depends on the person really. Some people just DO NOT suit tattoos, and others can look damn sexy covered in them. And then there's the type of tattoo...some tattoos are quite vile (anything vulgar, or sports related...instant turn off). I generally find too many a bit of a turn off, and I'm not very fond of coloured ones (just a preference...some coloured ones are beautiful, though).
I think a small one, someplace quite hidden (i.e. only visible when naked or near enough) on a woman can be very sexy -- like a small rose just on the pantyline, or a pawprint half hidden by a bra :P. On guys, black celtic bands around upper arms are rather yummy (especially when they're very toned arms *drools*).

i think with men its harder to get away with..skinny men a definate no-no! i know a really ugly skinny creepy guy with a celtic band round his arm and it looks disgusting! whereas on a guy with muscles as you said it would look god damn fine! lol

I love tatoos, as long as they have been well done and the placing of it well thought out, then usually not a problem.
Mine is inbetween my shoulder blades(see profile photo) so I can show it off or not as I choose and as is appropriate.

The worst tatto I have ever seen was "ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR A FIVER" with arrow pointing down just above a woman's pubic bone. Classy NOT!

i have three tattoos,one at the bottom of my back,the other around my bellybutton & one on top of my arm,they are all small ,i,ve seen loads of women with tattoos and think they do look good ,espically when they tend to be small to medium in size & on certian parts of the body,i,m not to keen on tattoos when men have them all over thier body.

for me the sexiest place for a man to have a tattoo,would have to be on his back or the top part of his arms,on a women her hip or at the bottom of her back or just above as you will be able to see it when wearing jeans ,around the navel looks nice,espically if you have it pierced .

I once knew a bloke who was absolutely covered in tattoos, which I found quite a turn-off (especially the spider tattooed on the end of his penis), but a few carefully placed tattoos can be very sexy.

not a big fan. I hate needles so that the biggest thing for me but also when I was younger all my friends were getting ridiculous stuff like the tasmanian devil tattooed on their arm so I ended up associating a tattoo with a painful, childish disaster which would ultimately become an embarrassment.
However, since then I have grown up a bit and now find small tattoos on a girls lower back very sexy indeed.
Still wouldnt get one though!

i dont really like them on womens back too much, especially when theyre the celtic black ones that everyone got when they were about 14..mines on my hip so you only get to see it when i choose..or if you're lucky enough to get me into underwear ;)

now your just tryin to make me imagine u in underwear! u tease!

my pics of me in my dont have to imagine lol

Tattoos don't really bother me in moderation. My bloke is deeply ashamed of his tattoo cos he had it done when he lost some kind of dare, but it doesn't bother me, I find it sexy. But I'm not keen on blokes that are covered in tattoos. A nice one on the upper arm (particularly if the bloke is buff and has muscular arms) is hot, or on the chest.

no im not keen on the all over tattoos on either sex.. although they do suit some people, they just dont do anything for me. i think a little tattoo in a subtle place can be sexy but other than that im not bothered.

I love tattoos!
I have a rose with butterfly on each hip in pantyline-height, a cats face in teh middle and rosebranches tying the whole together nicely. On my bum I have a flower with a hummingbird over it.
I've wanted an armband for a while, but never found any designs that I liked enough, so never got taht far.
My fiance and I are gonna get tattooed together some day soon. He wants one across his back from shoulder to shoulder with his internet nickname, and we both want to find a way to incorporate the AO logo since we first met ingame ove 2 years ago :)

get a pic up sally :D if i ever get another tattoo i want a little hummingbird at the top of my thigh..either that or i wanted a little four leaf clover at the top of my thigh just to remind me of how lucky i am when im having a crap day :D dont think i'll be getting one anytime soon though.

We both have tattoos, done fairly recently. He'd always wanted one but his ex was very anti, and she'd never had the courage to try. He then had a gf with tattoos and had a couple done, and when we got together he persuaded her to have a couple (see one of hers on our profile!). They are fairly discreet and can't be seen when wearing normal clothes, but we think they look great on our naked bodies and a turn-on during sex. You have to have good ones though, some peoples tats are very amateur, and some people go OTT and have their bodies covered. We know that some people really hate tattoos, thinking only bikers and thugs wear them, and naturist clubs in Britain don't approve.

They are awful on women, maybe not so bad on men but they are just an ugly blemish on womens skin.

i think women shouldnt have massive tattoos as it dont look feminine, im talking about big tatoos down there arms....however, i think it looks attractive if a women has a tattoo in the following places:
bottom of back
hip (like acroos from your belly button- like flirtybabe)
and feet
i think on your feet looks good, my friend has a few stars around near the to end toes coming up towards the ankle that looks great and another has a rosmary beads tattoo that goes around her ankle towards her toes.
i wouldnt mind getting a little dragonfly near my toes and a trail down the side of my foot....if you can picture that lol

I think tattoo's are great, but they are only as great as the tattoo artist. ALWAYS go by word of mouth if you are thinking of getting one. My tattoo of a rose with some celtic twists round it looks amazing plus my husband thinks it's very sexy. It's on my shoulder blade, so can be show or covered up as appropriate. I wouldn't get another one as I found it very painful and it took an hour to do. However, I love that I plucked up the courage to have it done and was delighted with the result.

aaw spanky all of us women with tattos are going to feel al offended now :D