Tenga Flip Hole - Wow

I just noticed this new toy on the internet but it doesn't seem to have reached the UK yet. All I can say is - I can't wait!

Tenga Flip Hole (weird name, but check out the vid!)


OOh.... looks fancy. The siliconey bits inside look rather yummy, and I don't even have a penis.

I agree, i was a little turned on :)

This might be the one to convert the bloke to male sex toys. He has a bit of an aversion to the old "fanny in a torch" fleshlight. This looks like it could be an executive toy!

is it wrong that i kinda wish i ahd a cock so i could try it out!!! might be one i have to get for the bf!!

"Fanny in a torch" lol - that's exactly what a Fleshlight is designed to look like - you can get an arse or mouth in a torch too.

Tenga Flip-Holes are due here at LoveHoney any minute now - some rumours even say they're arriving on Friday - if they do, we'll try to get them up on the site in time for the weekend.

The Flip-Hole certainly looks the part - very space-age inside. State of the masturbating art!

Woo-hoo! The OH has looked at the vid and I think he might just be tempted! Ok, if LH need any reviewers for this I have a willing volunteer (and male sex toy virgin) ready to go!!

I can totally see how it's appealing to the guys a bit more than the Fleshlight - it's a lot more gadgety-looking! I know some guys who'd be put off by the idea of a Fleshlight simply from embarrassment, but the Flip-hole is sufficiently 'cool' that they probably wouldn't mind!

Yep, I think it's gonna be popular - can't wait for Lovehoney to stock them!

BBG, your wish is my command;


Enjoy! We have limited stock on these...

The Prof

Damn, of course I have just placed our sex toy order for the month! Grrrr!

Please tell me you will be getting more in!

Hi Private - we reckon we have about a months worth of stock, that's all we were allowed - they are even sold out in Japan!

So they may last till next payday, but judging by sales so far they may not!


The Prof


lol, hmmm... might see if i can raise the funds in some way hehe, thank goodness you accept paypal - ebay here i come!

Whoa that's a lot of squids!! I guess I forgot the fact that it's reusable would bump the price up considerably! Right, someone review it immediately please!!!

See I have an issue - why can't girls sex toys be as cool as this one? There are some well designed ones but a lot of crap as well. Like they seem to be more concerned with how it looks than it being innovative etc.

I'm expecting a knock on my door from the post man this morning. He was supposed to deliver me a Flip Hole yesterday but maybe I'll have more luck today. Anyhoo, I'll be posting a review soon-as

Yeah, imelda you're totally right. Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that men "traditionally" shall we say don't use sex toys as much as women, so in order to sell, in order to capture the market, they really have to be something special.

Women, on the other hand, have been using sex toys for decades, and so there's just a greater volume of stuff out there, and inevitably a lot of crap - perhaps there's some kind of misconception among the makers of shit sex toys that any vaguely phallic with a buzz will do the job?

The We-Vibe is the first really innovative toy for women that I've seen since the Cone... apart from that, it all seems to be centred around vibes. I could be wrong, though... I haven't seen it all yet!

Rumour has it that Tenga are working on some female toys...

If they're as good as the Flip Hole they'll be a smash!

Just posted my review here