Terrible experience. The worst delivery system


In 22 sept. 2014 I made an order and that was only processed September 23.
September 25 the order was still in UK.

September 26 the order arrives in Lisbon.
September 27 the order should get to my house, but so far nothing.

I contacted the lovehoney almost daily to know where was my order but every day they said they did not know and to see the number of tracking. I went to the Royalmail and CTT site and none of them say where the order is, I just know it came to Lisbon yesterday.
Now past five days, I contact lovehoney again and talked to chelsea and she told me she couldnt do anything and couldnt contact the CTT to know where my order was. I'll get my order where it is, I just need to know where you are.

My order was despatched by Airsure Tracked Mail. Service Delivered Cost Free if you spend Air Mail - Europe - No Tracking Code 5 - 7 Working days €5.95 €14.00 Airsure Tracked Mail 2 - 4 Working days €9.95 €34.99

The order should have been in my hands right now.

First they said that my order arrived until September 27.

Now, Chelsea says it can get up to October 4.

I paid for my order on September 22.

It is the worst service.

A service that took two days now takes weeks and my money has disappeared from my bank account for a long time.

I will never buy anything on this site, makes a lousy service to customers and lousy service delivery.

I will now turn to the European Consumer Centre to make a complaint about the service provided.

I don't it's fair that Lovehoney are being blamed here for the service that the local courier are giving. The order arrived in the country in the 2-4 days it says - there is obviously some hold up with the local courier. There probably isn't a lot lovehoney can do as the order is now outside of the UK - I'm sure LH will refund the delivery cost as its not arrived when it's supposed to, but it's not LoveHoney who are physically delivering - they've done all they can.

Lovehoney have packed and dispatched your order as fast as possible, if you had of ordered before 5pm on the 22nd, it would have been dispatched the same day.

Your problem here is with the courier service, it's totally out of lovehoneys hands as soon as it leaves their warehouse they have no control of how fast it gets to you.

I have never had any problems with lovehoney delivery.

Yup this is not Lovehoney's fault at all. And actually, it has not been long enough for it to be regarded a lost parcel. It has only been 5 days, and only 4 working days, that is not a long time at all. Note your postal time is 2-4 days. And that means 2-4 days from the day it was posted, so in fact it is not late at all as Monday is day 4 of delivery. So please have patience and realise what company is to blame (your postal service) before you start talking about 'the worst service'.

I couldn't disagree with you more... Lovehoney's service is fabulous.. In fact, nearly all of my orders have arrived before their expected day with the rest arriving on actual day said.. What you are experiencing is at the hands of your postal service.. I know it's frustrating and u can understand that but you're pointing in the wrong direction with your blame!!

Hopefully your order arrives soon :)

I worked at a company that made deliveries and always knew where my product was.
when you paid to do one service you have to have the information where is the merchandise and when we arrived

As I'm in Portugal, no one cares about the case and they dont contact the CTT.

Lovehoney paid for the delivery not i.

As a company has to have control of their supplies, if not, who will have control?

Oct.4? 13 days to receive an order is a long time, had never seen anything like it.

Who hires the services of delivery of orders?
Who do we pay the order?
Who gives us dates for product delivery?

Lovehoney ... ...

The lovehoney do have to know where is my order.
The lovehoney have to contact the CTT and ask for the order.

Who is not to blame it's me.

Yes lovehoney give you a delivery date, but how can they possibly make the parcel get to you on time?! That's not their fault, complain to your postal service!

Your criticism might be valid, but it's a little premature

As has been pointed out, if you order after 5pm then you're into the next working day. Therefore, to all intents and purposes, your order was placed and dispatched on the 23rd. Today is a day late.

Which that's not ideal, it's very far from 'the worst service'. That honour surely goes to Virgin Media.

And 'A service that took two days now takes weeks' is misleading. It's 2-4 days. And if it arrives on Monday then that has been six days.

It is frustrating waiting for a LH order and must be even more so if something's gone wrong with the tracking, but I'd give it til at least Monday before getting woo worried about it.

I've had nothing but remarkably good service from LH and I know that's the opinion of the vast vast majority of their customers. I hope your situationm comes good.

As far as I can tell it's your country's nail service that messed up. It got as far as Lisbon. Maybe if you spoke with more respect and understanding than in thus message you'd have gotten more sympathy. LH despached the order quickly. Stuff gets lost there's nothing anyone can do. What are they meant to do, get a plane themselves and bring it directly to your door without letting it out their sight??

Lovehoney hires the delivery company, not me...

Who pays for the delivery of the order is lovehoney, not me...

Also you're given a tracking number so you can follow your own parcel. You can't ring LH everytime you want to know where it is, they deliver thousands of parcels, if we all rang daily to ask where it was would that really be suitable?! You're not the only person in the world ordering things online. Again your postal service lost your parcel. Not LH.

Is this couriered? Or delivered by your national mail service? I didn't quite understand your OP.

My respect, understanding,sympathy ended.

"Stuff gets lost there's nothing anyone can do".

I hope it happens on your next order
then we'll talk ...

Ok... There is a huge chance your parcel will arrive on Monday... I am in Ireland, the post service here is crap and I mean crap...!!! I have often got my parcel by tracked delivery and the tracking system online would still say it's processing...

Have you contacted your postal service? You know it's in Lisbon so it's obviously registered in the postal system there... Could customs be holding it... ?

The reactions you are getting are from loyal lovehoney customers... We have all reacted this way because of the way you phrased your query... I do hope it gets sorted for you

I've had plenty of stuff get lost in the post, Royal Mail is useless, it sucks but there's no one to blame. LH are one of the best companies for helping out with problems, if you'd have left it a decent amount of time, been checking your tracking number, on your own and contacted LH kindly they'd probably have sorted something out, not promising but I've known it happen before. They provably still will, but it's one day late. It will probably come on Monday. And I hope when it does you'll come on the forum again and start another thread describing your true experience.

DiogoFariaPortugal wrote:

My respect, understanding,sympathy ended.

"Stuff gets lost there's nothing anyone can do".

When did LH say this? Honestly, this is a forum for the customers of LH. We're not their spokespeople but are, really very largely, fans of their service.

Not only is this the wrong forum for you to be airing your grievances, it's too early to do so. And being rude to people who've taken the time to reply to you even after you joined a community (think about that word) simply to complain and state that you won't even be using the company again, makes it difficult to sympathise.

Cool your jets. Wait til Monday. Speak to customer service. You're making way too big a deal of this.

DreamOfTheEndless wrote:

DiogoFariaPortugal wrote:

My respect, understanding,sympathy ended.

"Stuff gets lost there's nothing anyone can do".

When did LH say this?

you read all the text? omg...

Lovehoney are one of the only companies that offer free delivery, do you know many companies that offer free delivery for delivering items abroad?! It's one day late, ONE SINGLE DAY, and you haven't even had to pay postage!

Do you expect someone from lovehoney to deliver it to your door? No, it's the postal service that delivers items, not lovehoney.

Lovehoney packed and dispatched your item as fast as they possibly could, they've held up their part of the deal. It's your postal service that had failed, I suggest if you have a problem with delivery, then complain to your postal service.

Lovehoney have been very nice to you, they e paid for your expensive delivery, and picked, packed and dispatched your order all on time. They have gone out of their way to make you happy, it's your postal service that has failed you, not lovehoney.

Then you come here complaining that they're the worst company ever, when all they have done have been efficient, and paid your delivery prices!

Yeah, I read it. Young and fun said that. Not LH. You get that we're not LH, right?