text sex.....xx

one day when my partner was at work i was in one of those nothing will stop my horney moods! so i picked up my phone and sent him a very dirty text telling him how much i wanted him knowing he wouldnt be home till after 7pm he replied to evry text i sent and the more i sent the dirtier they got, after a whole day of this i was feeling more horney than ever and i no he was too! after i had fed our son and got him to bed i went off too the comfort of my bedroom (it has a lock) it must have been about 6ish i knew he would be home soon so i got out my toy and started to work up a sweat taking pictures of myself and sending them to him was a major turn on for myself and him by the time he got home we were both so turned on we missed our dinner completly!!

hehe you naughty girl lol sounds like a great day :D i'd choose an amazing few orgasms over food anyday :D x

deff!! must say tho was v hungry the next day lol!!

i think text sex is actually a big turn on. if youve neva tryed it go on have a go

i have never tried tx sex how do u start

to start you need to make sure you always send it to the right person!!! mother receiving those sorts of things is never good!! do it at a time when you know the other person has time to reply, start by saying something like hey babes im bored and feeling a bit naughty! then go on to tell him how your fingers are wandering around your body, or tell him you are wearing his favourite clothes!! it will go on fine from there!

Me and my wife do this regularly, especially when the kids are not at home. As hazhaley says, if you neva tried it, then you should... The build up makes sex so much more exciting. Try adding some of your fantasies, Even better!!!

Txt sx as a kind of pre-4play is fab. U cn be as romantic or as raunchy as U wnt.

Me & my other half have even inventd our own individual txt euphamisms so we cn snd descrete msgs.

But fones with cameras or video msging are evn betr assumng u'r really sure u can trust ur partnr.

Text sex is great, my hubby and i have used this as a turn on since we met the texts get naughtier and naughtier as the day goes on. It's more fun when i know that hes stuck in an office full of people with a massive hard on and cant do anything to relieve himself. More often than not we dont make it past the stairs when he gets home!! Its a brilliant way of making sure he doesn't stay working late too often

Text sex is more fun with one of these: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=10180... :)

Ugh. And you need to remove the ellipses to get that link to work. Sorry--times like these, I really wish we could edit our comments. :)


I think text sex is a great ice breaker when your with a new partner you can let them know what you like so when it comes to the 1st time they know what to do lol

i love text sex, me and my partner do it quite often esp when hes at work :P seeing those kinky words on my phone is a big turn on!

I used to when I had 2 phones :p but now I only have one and my younger sisters like to play games on it, so I keep it clean ;)

Know exactly where you are coming from, l have just had to give mine up for that reason...... odd balls out there aplenty- interesting but definately oddball!!!! Diallers beware.

text sex is cool I used to love texting my boyfriend when I knew he was out with his mates and getting him all hot and steamy.

some phones have a seperate folder so if u have that on ur phone try to keep the really ranchy ones by sending it to a seperate folder

anybody up for some sex text let me know im new to it

Oooh, I've done that before.. And the last text was a naked picture of me.. He got off work early that day :p

i love text sex! esp if im at work and feeling kinky! it gives me something to look forward to later :)