The Great Big Suggestions Thread

I would love a feature on the website that tells me if something in my saved items is reduced or in an offer.


Now that’s an excellent idea @JoCat. I’d find that helpful too :+1:

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@JoCat …now that’s a fantastic idea :bulb:

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Would love a way to sign up for restock notifications! So many times I have lingerie on my wishlist, it comes back in stock, and then my size is sold out when I finally get around to looking :sob:

If we could get restock notifications, that’d be great, especially if we can sign up for notifications of specific sizes :yum:

(It’d also be great to know if something that’s sold out is coming back in stock too :eyes: had my eye on something that’s been out of stock for months, and I have no idea if it’s even getting restocked)


Would like this too, I didn’t know that the Jo cleaner was back in stock as I would’ve bought it sooner bc I know it goes quick.

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I have no shame in admitting I ’d really like a biscoff flavoured lube

Also would really like the option to buy individual pieces of a set, the boudoir belle bra and knickers for example, the bras is often slightly off for my mrs but the knickers are perfect and if say a garment goes missing etc to be able to get a replacement without having to buy a full set.

I wish you had a better selection of sounding rod’s, I feel your competitors have a much better selection for people into it

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I popped this into a comment on the LH lingerie insta, but had a bunch of horrible comments directed at me and my partner :face_exhaling: so popping it here instead:

Can we attempt to have some plus size male models for the masc lingerie? They exist too, and deserve to see themselves represented within the community.

I’m pretty sure I’ve suggested it somewhere on the forum in passing ages ago, but now being with my OH, it’s something that I think about more and more. There’s no pictures that show a plus size fit for masc lingerie items on LH.

It’s tough to imagine how the pieces would fit my OH, and the representation would be pretty significant, as I don’t ever see plus size male models used anywhere.
Please could this be looked into? :thinking:


As suggested, popped into this thread

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I’d really appreciate some way of indicating whether an item of lingerie in the lingerie photos thread is available from LH, maybe with the size purchased and a link to the shopping page. It’s really helpful to get an idea of what particular styles look like on different body shapes but, if i see something that I particularly like, it would help to know if it was an LH item so I can buy it myself.


I agree with this 100%, there was talk a while ago about a separate photo thread just for showing LH lingerie with links to the products but I can’t find the chat now.

I think this would be very tricky to do automatically though so it’s rather down to individual posters to impliment it. I LOVE how @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x posts her photos, if wearing LH items, normally with a link both to the product and to her review. This is so, so helpful and has definitely helped me with purchases in the past. I would love it if more people would pop a product link in.