The Great Big Suggestions Thread

I’m not sure if this would be an option for LH but it would certainly appeal to me and possibly quite a few regular customers. I really miss the free delivery that unlimited members used to get. I often want to buy something small but then have to pay postage, i know it’s not expensive but when you’re buying an item that costs £6.99 and then pay £2.99 on top for a really small package, it all adds up.

Quite a few online clothing companies offer a one off “VIP membership” which gives customers unlimited free next day delivery for a year for a fixed cost, usually about £6 - £8 a year. Those of us who order several times a year might benefit from a scheme like this? I wouldn’t be bothered about next day delivery but a one off payment for a year of free delivery would be great.


I might have mentioned this before but I’d really like LH to think about their packaging. The boxes and paper tape are great but the vast majority of lingerie are in polythene bags. The mindful range come in cardboard packaging which is not only better for the environment, I think it looks better too, especially if you are buying something as a gift it’s nice to have attractive packaging. It’s the same for most online clothes retailers too but it would be great if LH could lead the way in more sustainable packaging.


When on the website and looking at products, especially sale products, I would like to see on the drop down ‘sort’ menu a “biggest discount” button so I can see the biggest offers rather than trying to find them when scrolling.


@James89 Have to say, i miss this feature too. It was really useful and somethig i missed when the website got reworked

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Absolutely! I can’t remember it on the old website but have seen it on many other clothing sites and always find it really useful, especially as a I love a good bargain!!

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Would it be possible to have a “non-vibrating dildo” sub-catergory when searching for toys? I’m looking for a new dildo but I don’t really know what I’m looking for, the only thing I know is that I don’t want a vibrating one but there isn’t a filter for that!


How’s about sex positions utilising toys?

I’d be happy to see some that encorporate a position that is ideal for a perticular toy…

For example a wand being used on a male during intercourse with a female??


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I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but I’d really like to see a wider range of models for lingerie. The majority of models for the standard sizes are an 8 or 10 with fairly large boobs (D -E) or thereabouts. As a size 12 - 14 (sometimes a 16 on the bum), very pear shaped with a much bigger bum than boobs, it would be nice to be able to see what lingerie would look like on me. I tend to look at the plus size models even though I’m not plus size because I think it gives a more realistic idea of what it would look like on me.

It would be nice to see some size 14 / 16 models who aren’t hourglass shapes and maybe some models with small boobs (A and B cups). Maybe you could show the same item on a few different models with different body shapes and sizes? I know this would be more work but it would be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops, I seem to have too many suggestions since I was the last person to post here a few months ago!

It would be really helpful to be able to filter butt plugs by base shape. :pray: It would also be helpful to filter toys for vibrating or non-vibrating options, at the moment you can filter to show only vibrating toys but it would be helpful to be able to filter to show only non-vibrating toys instead


I’m new here, forgive me if this is not the best place to make suggestions / requests.

Being new to Toys in general I have been finding my self searching for more information about certain toys. If the info I’m looking for is not here, I usually go to the Brand site. Sadly they often have limited information as well, so then I look at other stores to see if they have more specifics. Some do Some Don’t.

I am certain I am not the only one looking at competitor sites for more detailed info, and I am sure that it’s happening in reverse also. That said, if Lovehoney were to have highly detailed product info customers would use Lovehoney as the go to site for product info… which would likely mean more sales.

Under how it measures up, there should be a few more lines. Ideally though there should also be a diagram in the photos too. Especially for butt plugs, but Dildos too.
For example we need the following information:
Total length
Insertable length
Widest point(s)
narrowest point / Gape size just before stopper
Stopper size
Stopper Shape - T, anchor, circle, heart might be good to include to for search functions

Plugs are often worn for extended periods so knowing the size of the Stopper and the size just above that (Gape size we’ll call it) will be important for many potential buyers. I would imagine newbies will want a small gape size, while at the same time, I imagine some people prefer that to be wider.

Anyhow, this is just my 2 cents as a new shopper. I hope it helps.


Make it so on male masturbators it says the opening size.


I was wondering if it would be possible to have some way to display pronouns on our profiles? Obviously you can tell most people’s pronouns from their gender but some people use a variety of pronouns / have pronouns that vary for example I identify as non binary but use both she and they pronouns, some gender fluid people use she, they and he and others use different choices of pronouns such as xi/xir. It would just help when referring to another forum user so that we don’t get it wrong unnecessarily. It’s also a positive thing to normalise the use of pronouns for the trans and non binary community. I also understand that it might not be something that others would find helpful, I’m just putting the idea out there.

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An issue was highlighted that the order confirmation emails received don’t specify the size that was ordered.

The product name and the product number are listed but this isn’t something that quickly or easily confirms the item size ordered. If the item is plus size, it states this in the product name which is grand if theres only one size i.e. 18-22 in the plus size range. But if the plus size range consists of Queen and Curve, then its not clear on the size ordered.

Could this be made clearer on our confirmation emails please?


We see a lot of repeated threads and to prevent that, it would be great if when people are writing their title, it behaves almost like a search and gives suggestions for threads to add comments to reopen a thread.

For example, there have been 2 new threads a day apart about where we’re from, and these have been merged in with another thread about the same thing.

Maybe a requirement of gaining a trust level should include having 2 new threads approved before they’re live. This wouldn’t be too different from joining a facebook group where all new posts need admin approval.

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The topic suggestion is actually already a feature. Users are often given suggestions for similar threads that are fairly recent, it often depends on whether they choose to select and use the recent ones or not :woman_shrugging:

That doesn’t come up on mobile view, that must only be for desktop but thats great that its there, would love it to come up for mobile too.

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Yeah, I imagine the screen compatibility makes it an issue there, but hopefully it can be implemented for mobile.

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Hi Brenna, Oh & I use the Doc Johnson pump , can you add more details on the size of the cup so we as we’re looking for a larger/deeper one…Our cup is full to overflowing, we want to get BIGGER!

This is a copied post based on Peitho 's suggestion…

Suggesting LH adds a new sub-category to the main menu on the shopping site. Several have replied to one of my posts on the messsage board recommending certain types of men’s underwear offered by LH but if I go to the shopping site, men’s underwear are not listed in the Lingerie main category or anywhere else I could find. The best I found was Lingerie>Costumes>Mens Costumes which were just that, costumes and not underwear. I had to use the product search function to find men’s undies. Like the red lace thongs btw. I already have a similar pair in white lace but not cut as high on the sides which is a big selling point for me. Order coming now that I finally found the product.

Second question I have is my browser keeps wanting to redirect me to the “Canadian version” of LoveHoney. Is it all the same distribution only converted to my local currency or is there different product availability in different countries?