The ^ < v game

^ Lamb chop

< Drinking milk

v Novel or magazine?

^ Depends on the content

< Having a chilled water

v An item of food you just can’t face trying?

^ Snails, frog’s legs, any shelled seafood, offal to name a few!

< Giving the dog a treat

v Same question, food you can’t face trying?

^ Egg Mayo…anything pickled…shellfish. Loads but there’s a few of 'em

< Just got a text

v Custard or ice-cream?

^ Ice cream

< Had a slice of cake

v Favourite mode of transport?

^ Train!
< getting dressed for bed
v do you love Lego?

^ Used to!

< Up for work

v Favourite type of film?

^ Thriller

< Watching the news

v Favourite chocolate wrapped biscuit?

^ Like a Club wether orange or raisin, but they’re not as nice as when i was a kid!

< On my break

v Favourite breakfast cereal?

^ Not something I have but like Crunchy Nut Cornflakes & Rice Krispies. Kelloggs.

< Having a brew.

v Favourite brand of chocolate.

^ Used to be Cadbury’s but it’s not as nice nowadays, like Lindt but it’s expensive.

< Finishing break.

v Least favourite animal?

^ Fly

< Filling up

v Do you like feeling silky nylon legs?

^ Oooh yes!

< In the coldroom

v Pyjamas or nightie?

^ None feel too restricted…underwear.

< Chatting to a family member.

v Favourite sort of scone?

^ Fruit, with plenty of butter!

< Just had a nap.

v What type of humour makes you laugh most?

^ Slapstick
< Watching Dad’s Army
v Favourite classic sitcom?

^ Hmmm? Too hard to choose between Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and The Young Ones.

< Watching Welcome To Wrexham

v Biggest triumph?