The Womanizer Pro40 Fix!

So I’ve seen a couple of topics started with some people struggling to fully enjoy their Womanizer Pro40. Many have mentioned that it can feel like hours of edging and just not quite getting there, becoming extremely sensitive and uncomfortable, followed by understandable disappointment.

I own the Womanizer Premium and this model actually comes with 2 different sized heads. Why the Pro40 doesn’t I cannot say, but I’m all but certain this is where people are encountering their problems. I had always used the medium head and although it worked for me, sometimes it could just make me overly sensitive and almost sore. That’s when I went XL.

The larger head is a must for me even with the Womanizer Premium. I don’t have an overly large clit, it’s just extremely sensitive. I need the larger XL head fitted to completely engulf and swallow my clit, not just to seal it well but to also slightly reduce the pinpointed stimulation. It also echos the pulses into and around your vulva too. Who would have thought that by slightly reducing the direct stimulation I would orgasm is seconds. The larger XL head causes me no discomfort like the standard heads can do and it doesn’t feel like hours of edging at times. Honestly it was life changing.

I’d heard a rumour that even though it’s not mentioned on the Lovehoney website, the XL tips you can buy for the W100 and W500 Premium will actually also fit the Pro40. I wasn’t 100% sure on this so I went and checked directly on the Womanizer website… Oh my god they fit!

We’re all unique and we’re all different shapes and sizes. Many love the standard Pro40 head but for so many it can take forever to cum. Hours of edge play may be something you love, but time is something I don’t have when I’m wanting a clitoral-suction orgasm and these larger heads saved my life… right before my Womanizer nearly killed me.

Really hope this helps a few of you lost soles!

:heart: xxx


I have read so much about this product I am getting confused on how they actually work and the sizing any help woukd be appreciated


You are correct, I have done some behind the scenes squirrelling and these heads fit:

  • Pro40
  • Starlet (Original Starlet I am assuming due to the length)

This is brilliant news @Lovehoney_Brenna, thanks for looking into this. I know so many will find this a huge help, life changing and possibly even life saving :smile::ok_hand:t2:

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Nice find. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Totally forgot to order these on my last order ffs

Do you think the XL heads would fit on the Womanizer Liberty? I bought a Liberty about a month ago and although I can eventually finish with it I think I have the same problem you described and would benefit from the wider heads - if they’ll fit.

According to Womanizer these are suitable for the Womanizer W100, Premium Pro, Pro40, +Size, Starlet and InsideOut. No mention of the Liberty sorry so I just couldn’t say :pensive: x

Just order them on there own! :crazy_face:

Or… bundle them up into a £40+ order and slap on your 25% off Unlimited discount. :+1::wink:

I’m going to! I got an £80 saving on last order! LH need to stop sending me emails tempting me!


Hmm, that’s interesting. I have a similar issue with the Lelo Sona (don’t think it’s available here) but it’s all one piece so it’s not possible to enlarge the aperture. I’ve only managed to come with it a couple of times. I also have the Satisfyer Pro 2, which I bought specifically because it has a larger aperture, and that is better.

Oh dear, they’re all sold out. I can only take that, and the excellent description above that the larger heads are well and truly an excellent upgrade.

I’ve had the Pro40 for about a year and the description of overwhelming intensity on sensitive parts is true. I’ve found that slowly increasing the stimulation while moving the suction cup in small circles helps.
I have noticed that the section is hard to maintain once I become wet, but by that time increased pressure isn’t quite as overwhelming.
And then the power drops off, subtly at first, but noticeably before the first time-out. I was honestly worried I’d burned it out the first time this happened, because no one reads the directions first, right?


Hi @Blonde_Bunny thanks for your suggestion to use a larger size head. I recently bought the Pro40 for my wife but she did not get on as well with it as I had hoped so I wonder if it’s because the head is too small. Would you know if there is a big difference between the Medium and Large sizes?

I didn’t want to order the Medium if they are still on the small side…