This is for the ladies... If you had to..

If you HAD to give up penetration or oral which one would it be?

No fudging (the answer can't be "I love them both so I can't decide").

I wonder this for a couple of recent things for me first being I came across a poll of women who had answered that 55% (of straight women) prefer penetration - which to me makes no sense - I'd think the answer would be highest for oral). There were lesbians who answered at only 20% of gay women prefering penetration whick makes more sense to me than the straight women's stats.

It doesn't seem to me this poll is accurate. I think it undercounts the number of women who prefer oral

And then second was a conversation I had with my X. We've been divorced since '08 but we're still friends. We saw each other a couple of months ago and somehow our conversation at some point went to our past sex lives together. It was really good (she agrees). But she told me she could have had more intercourse and less oral (wish she'd told me that while we were still married)

Now I will admit that even as a man I prefer giving oral to having intercourse (in other words I adore eating pussy -so we probably actually did have more oral (for her) than intercourse).

I had " been raised" to believe women prefer oral and there's never a thing as too much for a woman

Oh you're almost definitely right that the poll will not be accounting for the tastes of very many women in general and thus will be pretty inaccurate.

In so saying, I'd give up oral over penetration in a heartbeat. For one thing, I don't like oral and am far more likely to orgasm from penetration. For another, I wouldn't be inclined to choose any activity that only gives me physical pleasure over one that gives both me and my partner physical pleasure and an amazing emotion connection. To me, having a guys tongue on your lady bits will never compare to the intimacy and emotional connection assosiated with actually having sex with another person. Oral sex feels positively awkward and unnatural compared to coming to together as one through intercourse. It's a method of foreplay and nothing more to me and I wouldn't ever feel emotionally satisfied from it, no matter how intense an orgasm may happen.

So yeah. I'd give up oral over penetration. There's almost a pressure on both sexes that you should enjoy oral sex above all else (think of the teen guys who brag about blow jobs like they are God's gift, or the women who are convinced their partner NEEDS to be giving them oral sex all the time for long periods of time or he is a selfish lover). But to me, not the case at all. Give me penetrative sex over oral sex anytime!

penetration. easy answer. Much stronger orgasms.

So that's 2 to 1 penetration so far. Maybe I should have taken a poll (don't know if you can do a poll on Lovehoney forums).

I'd give up penetration. I really oy orgasm with clitoral stimulation.

We have great sex. I love oral but not so much with my OH. So would happily be without it if it was one or the other and have penetration

I think he likes giving oral more than I like recieving it.

Don't get me wrong, it's hot him being down there, I won't ever cum from his mouth alone but when he uses his fingers he can send me soaring. I do however, always have the knowledge that the sex is coming later which helps with my mood.

I think I personally prefer penetration as it is where he really dominates me when I feel how strong he is compared to me. Also, the entire act brings us closer when he is deep inside of me.

Oral is all about one person whereas penetrive sex is a team sport.

Now I like giving him oral but again, it's a) because he takes the lead and b) because I get to make him cum. I'm all about the giving :P

We both prefer sex at the end of the day though.

I would give up oral...I adore it but I love penetration more xx

I'd give up penetration probably.

Obviously, we're talking from pure pleasure perspective I'm assuming. I want kids so giving up penetration wouldn't work for me.

That being said, I'd give up penetration. Oral always makes me orgasm long and hard plus my partner and I find it quite intimate, particularly when we 69. Of course, I am a bisexual so that will have sway on my result. Interesting the bisexual group wasn't surveyed but I guess we generally dont exist according to many people. Not a great poll.x

I'd give up oral. As nice as it feels it never really gets me going as much as penertration does. I love clitoral stimulation with vibes or a hand but oral has never really done it for me.

Once again, Lovebirds_x has put to better words than I could have, but expressed exactly how I feel.

So +1 to giving up oral in a heartbeat. I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I do penetration and in fact I go looong periods without wanting oral. He actually wants to give more than I want to receive. :)

I'd give up oral.. Penetration is much better! Takes me a while to reach with oral!

I'd give up oral. Penetrative is so much more satisfying

Love oral but I'd give it up in favour of penetration.

I would give up oral sex. Penetration is also about connecting with your partner. While I cannot so far orgasm from penetration alone, I still require clitoral stimulation, fingers or toys.

I can have vaginal orgasm, but it takes longer time for me so so far only had luck with toys ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif)

I love oral but would def give it up over penetrative sex, no question

It depends on the definition of both, for me - If it's "Give up ALL penetration, or give up oral" (Fingers and dildos included) then I'd give up oral, because a good hand job with a lot of lube replicates basically all the feeling of oral (Usually with a lot more control and less randomness) other than suction - But suction is really, really good so... Hmm...

But if it's purely "Give up penetration with a cock, or give up oral" I'd give up penetration in a heartbeat - It's great, but it's replicable with toys. And I usually prefer "one at a time" stimulation over "both at once" anyway, since I can't concentrate on what I'm doing whilst I'm getting off, and I can't get off if I'm concentrating on what I'm doing to someone else. So it could be a win-win :D

To Bex: I wasn't talking from any predefined perspective "pleasure" or otherwise.

All the way from "I'd give up oral because I like the emotional" closeness of penetration to "I can't stand anything in my pussy so I choose oral" are acceptable.

The point is I want to know any and all reasons women feel however they may be.