To pump or not to pump?

Been talking to the misses about her pumping and she has not brought what about me pumping. Never tried either or thought about it too much.
No erection issues more just to full her up a bit more after a stretching toy session.
Just not sure if it will make things better with either of us pumping sensation wise or just changed the look a bit.
I do like the look of puffy parts on the misses.

Me and my Mrs were looking through lovehoney recently and we came across pussy pumps, and it’s genuinely something we’ve never heard of before, but after reading some reviews we’ve added one to our wishlist! The puffiness doesn’t do anything for me, but she’s quite keen to see if the pumping enhances sensitivity, I’m more than likely gonna buy it when payday comes along!


I’ve recently brought the bathmate, and I would recommend that for guys for sure

Be interested in an update on how it goes, just wanted to make sure it was not just for the looks and we would get something out of it, as it looks like a bit of not overly sexy time required to do it

@Toolman31 are you on about the pussy pump or bathmate?

I’m not sure how I feel about trying a pussy pump.
I think it might look good and provide a different experience but I feel worried that it won’t return to its previous size afterwards :rofl: and I just have these awful thoughts running through my head.
I am looking to buy some nipple pumps though so maybe I’ll see how that goes first.

My hubby has never been interested in pumping, I’m thinking it’s probably quite time consuming for such short term results - depending on how much you want them. Anything is worth a try once right :thinking:

Both to be honest, not had a lot of experience in pumping anything, with a hand hump at least :wink:

Yeah I always thought there was some sort of risk involved or it was an erection aid type of thing. But if I have to walk around with a pump attached to my penis for 2 hours before having sex it better be worth it lol

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I have this and find it does increase sensitivity as well as puffing up. My review is from July last year under Ms E. if you’re interested.

Everything returns to normal size too @Cupc8kes :wink:

Thanks for this thread - I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy my pump!! :heart_eyes:

Those reviews do look good, unless you get unlucky with the size of your vagina. I feel the look alone will be a huge turn on and make her have to pull me off from too much oral lol

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@Toolman31 im actually running a thread on my bathmate experience now you can find it here (if I’ve done this right)


I am sure a penis pump will make things larger and may be if you use a cock ring as well the effect will be maintained longer. Good luck

I have the lovehoney pussy pump but to be honest only tried it a few times.
It really does work and make things swollen and more sensitive.
Things do go back to normal afterwards quite quickly.

I have used a pussy pump with some great results makes me more sensitive which is great it makes me swell up so much but ok go back to normal afterwards Make sure you use gell to form a seal

Ok thanks for replying, seems like it should do what I want. Shopping time for me.

@Cupc8kes Despite all of the rave reviews I’m not so sure…

@Cupc8kes I haven’t tried a pussy pump yet but I don’t have any worry about it returning to how it once was. I have had 3 children and promise you that it doesn’t look anything like it did after that. I have found that after some of the more active sessions with my OH I can appear slightly puffy, that disappears by morning. I would assume the same is true with a pussy pump. I will up date you if I find otherwise, :wink: Mrs ToysRusDevon

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@Toolman31 I have to say that when my OH said about getting this I was unsure. I have never had an issue with his size and to be honest anything too big hurts. Since he started this 2 weeks ago I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference. He was always a grower but particularly straight after he looks much bigger soft. However, the biggest difference for me has been girth. He looks bigger and I can feel he is bigger when inside me. Mrs ToysRusDevon

Thanks, sounds like something to try out when the time comes for something different.

I have a bath mate and to be honest I am a little bit scared of it. I used it a few times but always struggled to get a decent seal and stop it sucking my testicles in which was quite painful! It was always a hassle to use in the shower, although I was quite pleased with the results. After use it does make me temporarily longer and more girthy so does seem to work. I haven’t used it for months though because I over pumped and it gave me blood blisters on my glans. I might try it again and and pump less.

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