My bathmate has arrived! And I’m gonna do a progression blog

So I’ve just invested in a bathmate and I’ve decided that I will share my results here (in writing not pictures obviously!) I’m starting off at 6” long and 5” around, I’m mainly aiming for more girth but if I can add some length too then I won’t complain! I’m probably gonna update this every 2 weeks, so if any of you guys are thinking about investing in one and want to see someone else’s progress first, then follow this thread, today I started off with 3x5 minute sessions, I didn’t bother measuring after I’m gonna wait for the 2 weeks


I’ve been using one for a few months now. I’ve gained an inch in length and around an inch and a half in girth. Highly recommended. Good luck!

Wow! That’s impressive, I’d be happy with an inch increase in size and girth, do you mind if I asked what you started at, and what routine do you follow? I’m new to all types of pumping

@ToysRusDevon this is a great idea :grinning:

Yeah I thought it was, a single review is one thing, but a progress blog will give a timeline with real results, me and my partner want to be active in these forums and because this requires time I think it’s a good one for people to follow

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This is a great idea @ToysRusDevon looking forward to following your progress and will be interesting to hear if the results are permanent or temporary. After all most of us guys would never refuse an extra inch or two. :+1::grinning:

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So yesterday was my first pumping session and to be honest, it did nothing, I didn’t notice any changes in size or girth straight after, so I went online and looked at some tutorials and realised I was going in too soft and wasn’t doing any warming up, today I did that and went in kinda semi hard, 3x5 min pumps and it came out looking fatter and longer, OH was in the bedroom so I came in and dropped the towel, and she said wow, it really has got bigger already! (With a gleam in her eye I must add!) so I said imagine 3-6 months down the line! I’m average length now and quite girthy but just seeing what it came out like today has definitely made me think this is a good investment, would be nice to outgrow this model!


Nice idea and great to hear you are enjoying your experience with it.
Hope it works out for you :slight_smile:

Really interested in buying one of these, and will be following this link. I’m intrigued to see if you get permanent results or do you just go back to same size after a while if you don’t carry on with the training?

@Happilymarriedman84 thank you, I haven’t done any measurements yet as I don’t see the point in doing it unless it’s been a few weeks at a time, but after less than a week I’ve noticed that it’s pumping up bigger in the pump than when I first started, but I wouldn’t use the ruler on the pump as a gauge as it all depends how far down you have the bellows compressed, but already I think my flaccid dick looks longer and fuller throughout the day, my first proper measurements will be taken next Saturday so I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s any change, I’m about 1/2 an inch away from the top line, so if it does work and I do grow, I’ll have to invest in the next size up!

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Awesome I am really wanting one I just don’t know how to bring it up with the wife as I know she will say she is happy with my size. That’s isn’t a problem it’s just something I would like to do for myself and if it gets bigger when soft as well that’s a good feeling to have

That’s exactly the same situation I was in, my gf says my size is perfect for her, but when I came out of the bathroom the other day nice plump and longer, she did smile, we all want to be a little bit longer or thicker don’t we? It is a big bit of kit though, because my kids are home all the time at the moment I wrap it in a towel just in case they see it, I went for the cheapest model and it seems to be doing the job, but I think if I have to go up a size I will get the one with the pump as pushing the bellows against you can be a little sore, and I’d advise a cock ring around your balls too to stop them being sucked in!

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Here is my first proper update, I’ve been using this for a week now, although I wanted to wait to take measurements every 2 weeks, I was in the situation today where I was able to take some measurements, with a weeks worth of use I wasn’t expecting to see any gains, and if I did I would have thought tiny increases at the most, I have to say that I’m very surprised, I have gained half an inch in length and girth with just a weeks use, at the moment the gains only last for a few hours (very good if you plan to get laid after your bath!) I personally can’t tell that I’m longer, but I can definitely see the thickness increase, my flaccid penis looks much bigger throughout the day now, doesn’t look like a Greek statue anymore, so far I can say this actually works and I will be keeping up with a daily routine, I honestly think gaining an inch will be easy to do if I can get bigger than that then that’s a bonus


Interesting - keep up the good work!

Do you find that the penis stays a bit more firmer even when flaccid?
Or just bigger but still the same softness.

@Cupc8kes i wouldn’t say it’s firmer when soft, but it is more plump, I’d imagine thats because of the increase blood flow, some reviews say that after a couple of months erections are harder and some find they last a lot longer in bed, I don’t think Mrs-toysrus will complain at that either!

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I’m also interested to see how the evolution goes, as others have said great idea doing a tracker.

And to the above all I can say is ouch :hushed:

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@LuciousLegs yeah it was a scary moment, luckily it’s quick release if anything did happen, I don’t need those dangling any lower than they do already! :joy: I may start doing a weekly rather than 2 weekly update like I planned, if you’re a girthy guy, 6” around or more, then you’d have to go for the wideboy I’m almost filling the pump girthwise already

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How do you plan on releasing the results, I was reading through the sandbox thread and came across a post which had tables and what not

Might be a good way to do it so it’s all there in one place, no idea how to do it though lol :man_shrugging:

If you hit the down arrow on the grey box it will change the format to how it looks on that thread

@LuciousLegs i have no idea what you’ve just posted about! :joy:

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Lol just an old post in a thread where the person somehow created a table.