Today is my Wonderful wifes Birthday. i have bought her The LH Deluxe wand gift boxed one.

I am like a child at its own Birthday and Christmas. I have to work all day before I can give it to her to night I'm so excited. I hope she likes I'm a little apprehensive that she won't and I'll feel so deflated. We have a big family meal booked in her favourite Chinese. Then cake back home, a couple are staying. Would it be to much to expect me to use it to night do you all think?

Unless you have sound proof walls and doors, your couple friends might find themselves wondering why on earth someone is using power tools at that time of night ;)

Might be a tad loud GG, unless the other couple are deaf or mortal drunk I wouldn't!

DavidB1986 wrote:

Unless you have sound proof walls and doors, your couple friends might find themselves wondering why on earth someone is using power tools at that time of night ;)

Haha, very true.... It is a bit noisy on full power. I personally would wait until you are on your own, so you don't have to worry. A brilliant present though, and I know your Wife will be forever grateful - lol xx

Even if she doesn't like the look of it, once you try it out I'm sure she would love it :)

As others have said much better to wait to try it for another night so she can fully relax and enjoy it.

What a lucky wife!! Maybe you should give her a massage with the wand that night but I wouldn't push for playtime if you haven't got enough time that night. Make sure you have the time to enjoy your new toy :-) I'm sure she'll love it!!

She's a lucky lady GG!

I so want the purple one! Very lucky lady indeed ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Oh wow GG, what a lucky lady! I have the white but i love the purple and the case, I wish i had waited a little longer.

As for use tonight, i wasnt worried about the sound it made more the sounds i made.. So i think id wait until you guys have some more private time lol.

I'd probably wait until you were alone, so she can relax rather than thinking about how much noise she's making

I bought the purple boxed set one for my OH today as well, was already considering splashing out on the 3 for £75, and then an email turned up saying it was 25% off, which applied to the special offer price!! 3 for £56.25 was too good to miss!!! Gonna be a good weekend!

I wait till your alone so you can both fully enjoy the experience im sure shell love it

Great advice but I still want to pleeeeeeaaase

Haha you really are like a kid a Christmas aren't you

I wouldn't if we had house guests as I don't think id be able to fully relax for fear of being heard

Very happy birthday to Mrs GG.

Thankyou all. The lady in the other couple did drink so she could drive home, no house guests.

I am thrilled not only was she genuinely pleased she showed real interest in it. We stole 5 mins when getting ready for me to run it over panty covered bottom and her pubic bone. The hmmmtm ing and his were wonderful to hear.

When we got to bed she asked for it this so delighted me all those weeks worrying about it just faded away. She loved it even on the highest setting even asked for the attachment to be put on. She even asked if she could hold it whilst I made love to her. She lay on the bed with me stood on the floor, it actually made us come together by her pressing it against her Mons Venus just above her clit. I could feel the deep vibrations coming right through her. Just wonderful she loves it and can't wait to see what else we can do with it.

That's great gg see you were worried for nothing

Yes sorry mummy, I want do it again.

Worry that is.

Haha very good gg

I have a sneaky suspicion that the tables maybe turned tonight. This wand will get used on me, I shall have to grin and bare it. My poor Willy will buzzed into submission until he's sick.