Top 5 Bullets

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I thought I’d try a rolling topic that could chart everyone’s Top 5 Bullet Vibrators. :+1:
(and don’t worry if you can’t do all 5, I’d say a Top 3 is good enough :slightly_smiling_face:)

So, what are your favourites at the minute? :slightly_smiling_face:
(and if anything changes, don’t forget to come back and give us a fresh list :slightly_smiling_face::+1:)

Our Top 5 Bullets:

  1. We-Vibe Tango

  2. Squeezy Blue Tongue (discontinued)

  3. Desire Bullet

  4. Red Hot Flickering Tongue (does this count as a bullet?)

  5. VeDo LUV (discontinued)

Here are mine:

  1. Desire

  2. Fifty Shades Freed (discontinued)

  3. Tango

  4. Mantric

  5. Tracey Cox Soft Feel

I can’t get the bullet points to work properly! ETA: sorted, thanks @Ian_Chimp


My wife loves the basics bullet over everything

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Hi there @GoGirl12,

Good question!

I find the Tracey Cox bullet is rumbly and a bit larger than most bullets but smaller than a mini wand. It has a soft squidgy head which is quite an unusual sensation and one you won’t get with the other bullets - I find it to be a good mix of targeted and diffused stimulation.

I don’t like wands, but neither do I like firm pokey shaped ‘ears’. This is a good compromise - I’d like to try more of the range.

So: the Desire and discontinued Fifty Shades bullets are the strongest I have found in terms of rumbly power. I was sent a free Desire bullet when my Fifty Shades one broke - I bought a further one because it really does the job for me. I tend to use these for solo play with a g-spot vibe or glass dildo. They can be a bit nosier, depending on the setting.

The Tango and Mantric are also rumbly and also quieter - a bit less powerful but these are the ones I reach for with my OH. A bullet and himself - perfect, and quiet enough with teens in the next room. Of the two, the Tango is hard plastic and the Mantric is silicone, so it depends on how firm a touch you want from your toys. If it is affordable I would go for the Tango (I do find it needs top-up charges in between uses). They both have 3 speeds and a variety of patterns.

The other thing to think about is shape. The Tango and Mantric have lipstick shaped tips, so they are good for pinpoint stimulation or a bit of a broader base depending on which side you use and where. The Desire is shaped to a point, but I don’t find it to be too sharp and using it’s side on sensitive spots works well.

In terms of size, they are all shorter and thinner than the Tracey Cox one. The Tango is quite long, and the Mantric quite short. Check the product descriptions for accurate measurements.

They are all quite pricey, but the Mantric sometimes comes up as ‘deal of the day’.

I’d say that if you like the Tracey Cox one and want to branch out, try a mini wand for broader based stimulation, or a smaller bullet for more pinpointed stimulation.

I prefer the others to the Tracey Cox one, but it is still in my top 5. Remember Lovehoney’s Sex Toy Happiness Promise, if you buy something which doesn’t suit.

Not sure which one you mean - can you post a link or description? It’s always good to share things we like :+1:.

If my list could run to 6 I would include a very simple Tracey Cox battery bullet: Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet

Go on then, sneak your sixth in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here you go

It normally comes up as an offer around Christmas time

It’s just the right vibration/frequency for her clit

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It’s in the 3 for £15 offer now if you’re looking for a spare. :+1:


  1. VeDo LUV PLUS (discontinued)
  2. Desire Bullet
  3. Red Hot Flickering Tongue
  4. Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms (discontinued)
  5. Squeezy Blue Tongue (discontinued) - Not sure if I count it as a bullet or not, but it can do the same job as one I guess.

I’m going to give this Large Love Egg an honorable mention only because I enjoy using it like a giant bullet, haha. Not sure if other people would the same.

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The one that comes with the Booty Shaker remote control vibrating butt plug. :grin: Most powerful one I’ve felt from a AA battery.

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We can only do a top 1. We have used many different bullets but this is the only one that has lasted to stay in our top drawer. If only it came in 3 speeds with no patterns and I reckon it would be the perfect bullet for my OH.

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