Toy Help, which one??

Hi all, Me and my other half are wanting to purchase our first Vibrator, any recomendations for us please?

Thanks in advance


We need more than that! ;)

Price range?

Internal or external?

For both or just her?

I'm sure the lady lust finger will be suggested.

Do you need to be quiet, kids or living with others?

Mains or battery?

sorry peeps, price aint that inportant, internal and external please, just for her, (for now!!!) no kids apart from our 19 Month old DD battery operated would be best.


Maybe the Tracy Cox stuff would be a nice intro.

Spend 25 and get this free.

Could even get yourself something interesting!

Maybe something like this? Waterproof The sleeve might make it good for external and internal The lady lust finger, only 3.50

We have this comes nicely boxed and charges via USB so that might suit some people or make a nice gift.

It really is best for you to have a look yourself, only you know what probably would be best.

Good luck!

Many Thanks Wanda, i shall have a look at these when OH comes in

You're welcome. Its obviously hard for me to know just what your OH likes! A good talk with her should let you find some toys that suit you both and If you look together you might just find a little thing to throw in your basket that you will enjoy more directly! ;)