Toys with a bigger girth?

So, I have decided I need a bit more girth in my life as my current toys don't really give me the full feeling I love.

I have this and a couple of mini vibes just so you have an idea what I'm currently working with. :-)

I don't want anything GIANT mind you but any suggestions on someting a bit meatier?

Ooh, i'm interested to see what people suggest. Find myself needing, like you.

We have this and the girth is great:

Using this and a bullet vibrator really does the job. He loves using the dildo on me as it does 'fill' me.

why not try an inflatable toy - that way you control all the girth you want

Really tempted by the Mr Big Rabbit on offer this weekend. But kinda want to be a bit more greedy ;-)

This one is a definite pleaser for the wife. You may like it.

How about the Tantus Cush or Flurry? They have a nice filling girth and are made of 100% pure quality silicone, a great jump up from the Oh! Rabbit. They have a realistic shape too.

I honestly wouldn't touch anything other than silicone so I would suggest something from the Tantus range as suggested by HE. Here are some I've found...

Tantus Duke:

Tantus Cush:

Tantus Raptor:

Tantus Max:

They're pricey but worth it for their high quality and peace of mind that the silicone is one of the safest materials you can buy.

some very interesting suggestions and I've never come across the Tantus range.

I would highly recommend the Tatus Cush. I've wanted it for ages but I've been put of by the high price. I finally took the plunge and treated myself a couple of months ago and trust me, it was SO worth it. It's definitely in the top 5 of my favourite toys.

It's definitely girthy, but the silicone is so squishy and it just feels amazing. You can read my review if you'd like :)

Like Sophie, I personally wouldn't touch anything made of out jelly or rubber. They smell, and silicone has no odour to it whatsoever.

I'm def the same about the rubber and jelly! I'd rather save up and get something I know is going to last and last and not put any nasties in me!

The Tantus range looks bloody BEAUTIFUL. I'm dying to try one out! The question is which!

Thank you for all the suggestions, you lovely lot!

some great ideas, i never thought of an inflatable one.... may look into it

I've recently purchase this and it fills me up nicely and easy to use on others with it having a handle. Its great fun and certainly recommend it