Unable to cum - sertraline

I’ve been on SSRIs before and experienced similar symptoms to people posting here - the main one being that it was difficult to orgasm.

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Hi guys I have just upped my amitriptyline to 150 mg for depression and for pain relief and now I can’t cum. I take it for mostly my depression but I have chronic pain which it helps some what. I have just upped it from 125mg under the care of my GP and psychiatric nurse. I wonder if this is the same as sertraline. I have gone off doing anything at the mo because of pain but wondered if it is the same as others

My boyfriend has been on Sertaline for a while now and it has not affected his libido at all but has definitely affected him getting to his climax and cumming. It’s actually been great for us when we are together as he can go until I’m completely done whereas he would usually cum very quickly. Not having the mess to clean up is also a bonus!

He says he really enjoys sex still and its very pleasurable to masturbate for a long time without climaxing.

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I spent a long time on Sertraline - I felt like an emotionless zombie, didn’t want sex & couldn’t orgasm. I absolutely hated being on it. Came off & spent a year off meds.

I then went onto Fluoxetine, which I found so much better mood wise - it did wonders. My sex drive shot up, but it still took forever to orgasm - I went from being able to climax in 5mins solo without meds to it taking an hour, if at all & when I got there the orgasm was completely flat. Climaxing via sex was ultra rare & again took ages. It was incredibly frustrating - which obviously had a negative effect on my enjoyment of sex.

It’s a super common side effect of SSRI’s, unfortunately & my sex life took a battering - the pro’s of being on them outweighed this though until I was in a position to taper off.

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I have been on Sertraline for about four years. Prior to that time I was unable to hold off on cumming and cum way too early. However, once on the Sertraline I was less sensitive and can last for a decent amount of time.
So for me this has been a blessing; I am less depressed and anxious and I can last longer in the sack. I did mess up my prescription and just had three weeks without tablets. A couple of nights ago I cum before we even really started anything. So it does make a difference, a positive one for me and the OH.

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My wife started taking it a few months ago and it actually seemed to increase her libido and she wasn’t as anxious/stressed.

I just started taking it myself a few weeks ago and noticed a dip in my libido at first but it’s gone back up a bit. So far no issues with erections or being able to cum, but hoping it will help me last a little longer. My doctor told me that it can take a while to dial in the optimal dosage as Sertraline has a wide range of dosages, so it may be worth considering raising or lowering it based on your personal experience.

I went on Sertraline as I was not feeling good after a few months of COVID and quite anxious which I’ve never had before.

It sort of crept up on me but after about 3 months I really found I couldn’t cum anymore from sex. We could go for ages, which my wife now loves by the way, but no cum for me. After a good few times of the same result we figured it was a side effect of the medication and it’s been that way since. I actually don’t mind it, it still feels pleasurable and has been great for my wife.

I also noticed at the same time that I really hadn’t been getting the same urges to masturbate as before. I would normally do it a couple of times a week while watching porn but wasn’t getting the feeling to do either. When I finally did get some urge I could wank for 30 minutes or more with no cum, and again whilst a bit frustrating, was still very pleasurable and it was interesting to be able to go this long. It’s rare that I feel the need to masturbate at all now and sex for us is still very regular.

Might be worth mentioning that there is a website that actively advertises their ability to prescribe Sertraline for “off label” use as a remedy for premature ejaculation. I’m honestly hoping to see that benefit as I sometimes cum too quickly. For guys that don’t have that issue, I could definitely see it as being frustrating to be unable to cum, however. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in the same boat.

We talked with his doctor earlier this yar as my boyfriend was thinking to come of his Sertraline and he mentioned the side effects. She said many couples actually enjoy the potential side effects of him (men) lasting much longing and a slowdown in the masturbation department and choose to continue for this reason.

We did talk about it after and agreed that their had been benefits for us and he would stay on the medication for a while.

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I’m on fluoxetine and welbutrin for last several month. My desire for sex has shot way up in the last couple of months but yes, it takes forever to orgasm. Its still very pleasurable. Prior to this our sex life was the pits and I can’t go back to that. Do you find masturbation beforehand to be helpful to get there? @lulubee

Yeah I did find that preheating the oven, so to speak, helped - mainly because I would get so frustrated during sex that it was taking so long which in turn made things worse. So that took a little pressure off. I wish I’d discovered the Womaniser toy at that point, I’m curious to know how well I’d have gotten on with it at the time - I have a feeling it might have helped loads :laughing::ok_hand:t2:

Ohh interesting. I don’t have the womanizer but original magic wand, a rabbit and a few different clit ones :laughing: it just takes soo loong lol @lulubee. I need to check out the womanizer!