Uncut vs. Cut. What feels and looks better?

For me I like the look of uncut then cut. Just more natural to be honest

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I take the view, it was never intended in nature to have the foreskin cut off.
I’m uncut and glad i am.
Some people say cut is more hygienic, but i believe its down to personal hygiene and i take great personal pride in keeping it very clean.:joy:


It depends. Personally I don’t think I have ever thought about the circumcision status of a penis after or during an interlude

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I cannot remember being uncut and I have never had any complaints or issues. I think it may be easier to keep cleaner being cut as well


I only have know sex with a cut scrotum.

I think it looks a little strange, especially flaccid like a worm in a cocoon. I think if I was wanting a dick, especially for oral sex, I would choose a cut man.

You never buy a dildo that has a skin hood on it - seems to be all a bit cumbersome.

I’ve never been with anyone who is cut, my partner maybe getting circumcised for medical reasons. Currently it is contributing to his low sex drive. I don’t really care regarding how it look as long he will be pain free during intimacy that’s all I care about.


I’m circ’ed (from birth) so I don’t miss having a foreskin. Having said that, as a cis male I prefer the look of cut penises, if I were to have any preference for dealing with one at all. It just looks cleaner to me.

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I am uncut and will be being cut sometime this year (mid 30’)

Thought of it is somewhat daunting but my Mrs claims she does love the look of a cut cock so that’s atleast something haha

I might do a forum post of when I am cut and some updates on how it goes for any other guys to read up on


As the old joke says, make sure they hire only the ugliest nurses for you until your stitches heal…! :smiley:

I’m gonna try to tell my Mrs that she’ll have to sleep in another room for a few weeks when it’s done. She’s just too much of a tease

I’m sure it’ll go down fine