Undies for Work?

Does anyone wear any particular undies that they wear for work, types that they don’t wear or just where whatever comes out the drawer? I generally prefer g-string type undies myself most of the time but I have a friend who said she wouldn’t even wear a thong to work as she feels she should wear ‘bigger pants’ in this environment!


I’d just wear whatever I fancied wearing! To be honest, I do tend to wear bigger knickers to work, partly because they’re comfy and no one is going to see them anyway but also because I’m saving the nice ones for the weekend and I only have a limited number of pretty knickers (I’m putting that right at the moment though!) Now that I have increased my nice undies collection, I do find myself wearing them to work more than I used to because it makes me feel good. I have worn my lace top hold-ups to the office many times - they are so much more comfortable than tights and (as long as they don’t fall down - it has happened once :flushed:) no one knows except me :laughing:


Haha @newbiejen,

For me blerry eyed, what comes to hand 1st :joy:

I like my pack-of-5 supermarket specials; black in a thong style.

Pretty stuff at the weekend.

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This made me laugh as I was complaining about my undies this morning! I have work pants, gym pants, sleep pants, weekend undies, occasion undies and of course sexy time underwear! My body/ stomach is always changing so I choose my underwear to fit with my uncompromising self. I wish I was normal and could just wear the first thing out of the drawer :joy:

Any old thing to work, weekends when I’m with my OH, it’s definitely matching sexy underwear!

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I don’t wear pants to work. I’m a rebel haha


My wife used to have ‘everyday’ underwear and ‘best’ underwear until one day I hid every item she had and took her lingerie shopping, budget no object.

She now wear’s matched lingerie and looks wonderful every day regardless of the occasion.


I would love to do that but I have a mental block on wearing “best” items when it’s not a “best” occasion.

Comes from having a mum who had a “save it for best” mantra, and a “when it’s gone, you’re not getting another one” rule.


It took her a while to get her head round it but she’s more than fine with it now.

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I have my underwear all mixed and layered in the draw so always wear what’s at the top of the pile no matter what it is whether be jockstrap, open back, briefs or boxers


Pretty straight forward for me, either a thong or a g-string

Pretty much thongs everyday nowadays

Depends on my mood really, however I’ve learned the hard way not to wear suspenders to work! One day I wore a thong that had attached suspenders with metal clasps, come leaving for the night, metal detector at exit beeped, second detector beeped, security hand scanner beeped, and me explaining the clasps with a red face for 20 minutes!

Normally, I’ll go for mesh high waisted knickers or a thong.


I typically wear thongs and g-strings for work, because Brazilian knickers tend to leave very subtle panty lines. :bum2:

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It will usually be some so I don’t get a VPL but I have a mix of shorts, cheekies, brazilian and thongs that are fine for this. It also depends what I’m wearing and what might be most comfortable.

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Cheekies got me beat- what are those :thinking::joy:

None! :laughing: I work from home, and I don’t wear underwear at home :wink:

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Ones that show a bit of bum ‘cheek’ hence the name :smiley:

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How do they compare to Brazilian? It’s not a term I’ve heard before either so I’m just trying to slot them in to the styles in know.

Shorts always come up very cheeky on me so I categorise them as square version of Brazilians :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: