Urethral Sounds

One thing I haven’t tried that both interests and scares me in equal measure is urethral sounds. Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer?

My husband tried this about a year ago as we read it can be a lot of pleasure but it made him feel sick and I felt it looked painful

I have spoken to others who have gained some pleasure from it but quite limited and there is clearly a fear with it especially with infections

If you are to try it - start small

Yep, it’s addictive.
Scary as they look, metal sounds are best. Silicon can leave you sore.
Lovehoney have some good choices

I have used and enjoyed them but after two serious UTI’s in quick succession I’ve had to stop using them .

Try a vibrating one it is great.

I’m curious to know what Urethral Sounds are? I thought I’d ask here rather than google it!

Metal (or silicone) rods which are inserted into the urethra. More commonly in men but some women enjoy sounding too.

The rods can be straight or curved and generally the user works up to larger sizes with practice.


Well I never knew that but definitely isn’t for me thanks, I’ll stick to my knicker wearing…:grin:

Dont use one too small, 7mm the smallest, you really dont want it too pokey as its easier to damage when too small. Use a lube shooter to squeeze lube inside the shaft, then gentle playing, do some research and you’ll be good?

Really think 7mm is too large to start with - there have been plenty of threads on this over the years.

If the tip of what you are inserting is rounded rather than a point and you are using lube then it shouldn’t be an issue (and if it hurts - STOP).

I think I started on something around 4mm and worked up to 1.2cm. A long one with a vibrator at the end could give you a different experience and once you introduce e-stim(?) into the mix (LH might still sell) …

I started with a 6mm Hagar sound and gradually worked my way up. I’d got to 10mm when I stopped as I kept getting UTIs.

Sounding and masturbation lead to intensified orgasms. Yes there are some risks but done safely and carefully you can have a lot of pleasure.

I absolutely love sounding. I’ve got several different kinds but my vibrating 8mm one is my favourite and it always makes me cum after a nice session with it. The feeling as it slides inside me is something else, sliding it up and down is just incredible… like an internal masturbation. It feels so nice and the fact it’s a bit taboo helps with the eroticism of it.

I want something larger than this now though because as much as I enjoy it, it doesn’t quite stretch me as much as I would like.

I also love penis plugs and wear a couple I have regularly but I’m sure there’s a thread about that somewhere that I can post to rather then here.