whos got a speacial night planned for valentines and what are you getting your special someone?
our valentines wont start untill lil mans gone to bed but ive got alot planned for OH i can tell you! even got a suprise for him, for years hes being saying all he wants (gift wise) is me wrapped in a big bow well ive got one from lovehoney gounna feel a right prat wearing it but he will get his wish lol! that will teach him to say things like that wont it! got him a few other bits too!

You've got to be talking about the Naughty Knot! If yes, your other half is in for a real treat!

yes i am and i only ordered it yesterday and its here already think im gunna give it a try b4 then just so i get the jist of it! i cant wait his face will b apicture!

Ah you're gonna have an ace night! Fulfilling the fantasy and whatnot.

Me and the bloke are really not fans of valentines day, so I think our night will be token gifts and a card; a movie and a take away; then I might handuff him to the bed if he's been good lol.

We'll probably just have a nice wee night, late at night once kiddies are in bed, be cheesily romantic (and hide my baby belly) by lighting candles, some wine then get down to business! I love all that stuff, hehe big girl that I am! (yep and I'll get flowers, and love them too)
I fancy that knot too, it would be a mega surprise for him, pity his birthday isn't until november but there's nothing up with giving a present just because you feel like it! ;)
Let us know how you get on with it trouble!

We aren't really into valentines either. We always agree not to make a big fuss - a simple card will do. Trouble is I have a habit of breaking the agreement and making the big romantic gesture anyway.

This year will start off no different. Bath with candles ready for when she gets in from work. I'll rustle up a nice dinner and chocolate desert. We've not played Nookie for a while so might use this to get things a bit heated.

This years surprise will come in the form of the 'Tie-the-knot' bondage kit I've brought (all the more appropriate 'cause we have just tied the knot). I just hope she takes to the idea and wants to punish me for breaking the agreement ;-)

awww i got my boyfriend a personalised teddy from it was only £29 and its embroided with a message of your choice |:)

Well the missus walked into the office about an hour ago and demanded that I powered up the lovehoney page and place an order for half a dozen toys, lingerie and lubes... all of which are guaranteed to be here for a raunchy night tomorrow. Dont know what she has planned exactly, but I cannt wait to find out.....

Only £29?! I got the bloke and Edd the Duck toy from Ebay for a fiver... lol

Happy Valentines Day girls and boys!

happy valentines day cadets!!!
hope your OH like there gifts and u get sumfin nice 2!!!

Merry Valentines to all indeed!

Happy Valentines night one and all !!!

Happy valentines. and happy shaggin.xxxxxxxx

i was right his face was a picture but supprisingly he didnt laugh in my face even tho it was only intended to be a bit of a laugh, he said we wernt doin valentines this year but lo and behold came home with a single red rose and a huge me 2 u bear (hes brought me 1 every special occasion)
and when i told him i hadnt got him any thing again he said all i want is you wrapped up for me so thats wot he got lol! anyways he loved it i havent seen him so turned on over something before lol! like i told him though b carefull what u wish for cause u neva no wot u mite get.
did u all get sumfin nice?
ps didnt get toys this year cause i had them last week early!

Any top tips to share people? I'm a bit of a grouch when it comes to buying prezzies but I'm all for acts of romance.

Trail of flower petals round house to glasses of bubbly, leave a note to remove an article of clothing. Repeat until your OH is either naked or down to their undies (your choice.). Leave a blindfold at the bedroom door, tell them to put it on & enter. Have loads of scented candles going, lay them on the bed, tickle them with a feather, mink glove (faux) or a sensual massage. Lead onto a good tongue tease before oral sex. then away you both go.

Bath full of rose petals works well surrounded by candles too.

lol i think i will drink myself into oblivion at the local bar and hope *fit barman* is working so i can have a good ogle, what else is a single girl supposed to do

mucky, a sensual massage and nice bath are always welcome, depends what your lady is into really

Don't get me wrong, SL666, they'll be some savage spearing going on , hopefully a spirited bumming too! It's not all sickly sweet!

lol whats valentines about anyways? except the obvious sickly card and a easy lay lol

I think it's all about a free dinner for all you lovely ladies!


It was invented by Clinton Cards in 1974 to fill the sales void between Christmas & Easter!