Videos/Pics of exes

How many people still have pics/vids of their exes, or know that they have them of you?

Are you freaked by that - or do you not really care?

I know there’s stuff they’ve got of me and likewise, me them - I get on with all of them, even if we no longer talk. And both parties don’t seem to care or at least we haven’t mentioned it to each other recently. I would never dream of leaking them or doing the revenge porn stuff. But I’ve never bothered to delete or remove them either. They just sit on an encrypted drive as I know where it is then.

And for those that are really naughty - how many of you still look at them now? (Shocking!)

I have photos of old loves, but just ordinary snaps, nothing explicit. However, your question has reminded me of something kinda related…

In 2012 I bought a 2nd-hand smartphone off an advert in Gumtree. The guy selling it assured me that it had been returned to factory default settings and all his personal files had been removed

…or so he thought! Within hours of getting it home, I found a whole bunch of pictures on it - mostly snaps of animals in a safari park. But then I found the folder full of videos… My OH heard me howling with mirth and came in to see what all the fuss was about. I showed her. Suffice to say we were both soon intimately acquainted with exactly what he and his other half liked to do to each other, and what their favourite toys were. :wink:

…and in case anyone’s wondering, having had a laugh we deleted the videos, (a) cos it would have been wrong to keep them, but mostly (b) cos they were clogging up the SD card! :laughing:


As much as I enjoyed the story, you got the like for deleting the pictures. I’ll pop an extra one here though too. :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


I still have photographs of my exes…like holiday pictures etc and of their families siblings etc because they were a part of my life…

But any nude pics I destroyed or have deleted…dunno if they did the same…not worried as there’s nothing out there of me with my face on or any tell tale markings either…


Definitely delete any pics of exs especially any intimate ones no point looking back

I never have nudes on my phone of anyone other than myself, if I want one from someone I’ll get a fresh one delivered over snapchat. I do have a folder of hot photos of my ex that I haven’t gotten round to deleting yet but I don’t look at them. I can imagine he has the same for me and it doesn’t phase me at all. They’re memories. As long as exes don’t share them about I’m completely fine.

I have got rid of all mine when an ex tried to make trouble for me. I reminded her that A) that was blackmail and b) revenge ‘porn’ was a criminal offence and taken very serious by the authorities these days - never heard from her again!:+1::rage:


They have to be strong and stand up to them, not nice but hopefully it was an empty threat! Good luck to her - big hugs

@Justthe2ofus2007 that is really sad, but she had to get police involved if that is the case, so sorry for her. You are a good friend though and I am sure you will support her through it.

I had a similar story - I bought a Sony Memorystick from eBay - they were super expensive and one came up at the right price. I formatted and used it as normal - but on the first outing the card became corrupted. That was probably why it was on eBay. Being a bit savvy, I wanted my photos back so ran some recovery software against the card. I managed to recover my photos more or less… and a load other from the previous owner. Nothing particularly of any note… but the camera had been used in the bedroom it would seem.

yeah - sound like somebody needs to have a gentle word with the creep if there’s talk of them going to people’s bosses and the like.

@Justthe2ofus2007 please persuade her to get the police involved. Revenge porn is illegal, and his behaviour turning up at her house is very stalkerish and worrying. It needs nipping in the bud quickly, or it may escalate.


I always delete those types of photos, mostly because once I’m done I’m done and my exes make me want to vomit! :rofl: My oh has photos of his exes, those types too… I was really cross when I saw them (my fault, I shouldn’t have been looking. An old phone) and we’ve discussed it. He has 100% assured me he just hasn’t got around to deleting them and has never looked at them since receiving them (even before we got together) it does upset me he even has them but he has told me he’s deleted them. It’s mostly of one of his exes I felt insecure about however, I will say since seeing those photos I’m not at all insecure anymore. Which isn’t the nicest thing but it’s true. I’d hate to think women out there have photos of my OH.

@Justthe2ofus2007 that’s terrible, i dread to think that he may be doing or done the same to others. Do POF know of his behaviour? Do they not have some kind of procedure for this type?

@Justthe2ofus2007 i would be too, as if you don’t have enough problems. There are some scary people out there.

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I have random pictures on facebook of ex’s but nothing of a scandalous nature anywhere and to my knowledge I don’t think anyone other than my OH has any of me.

On a similar note to @PleasureDrone though I once, very stupidly, left my bag in a taxi after a night out and didn’t immediately realise. By the time I did and rang the taxi company the taxi had apparently made more stops and there was no longer any sign of my bag.

I obviously rang my phone, no answer, but the next day there was an answer and a very nice chap said he’d “found” my bag on the side of the road and taken it home :thinking:. I suspect somewhat drunk had knicked it from the taxi then sober next day thankfully morals had returned. Anyway, I went to collect it with my OH and amazingly all cash and everything else was still there. The guy was lovely and I am very grateful that he returned my bag… however, when we got home I was going through my phone and the camera roll had a whole set of dick pics! :rofl:

…I deleted them!

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:joy::joy::joy: oh well, at least you got everything back and a good story!

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No one other than my husband has pictures of me with any nakedness on.
He however does have pictures of some of his exes. I’ve looked through them and they certainly don’t bother me.

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Ooooh interesting! I still have pics of some exes, and I’m sure some still have them of me, but I’ve decided not to ever allow or send nudes anymore cause of the revenge porn risk… i don’t want that to happen to me at all so that’s a no go personally

Guess I am lucky , cameras had not been invented when I was with my ex wife or girlfriends ! Though an old girlfriend took a Polaroid picture I had that the gym I worked out at took after my first full year going there . The co-owner had two girls in posing bikinis sit , one on each arm for the picture . I would be willing to pay a tidy sum for that picture .
I have never had to deal with that problem , I could sure imagine that could be a real problem .