Water infections

Hey all,

I’m literally at my wits end.
I was web camming full time 16 hours a day until
Just before Xmas. For the past 5 months I’ve had non stop water infections, at first I thought it was Cystitis, the pain when I pass water, feeling like razor blades, more frequently needing to go and unable to hold it at all. But 10-12 days later my symptoms got no better, and my lower abdomen was tender.
I tried for another 8 days to see a doctor, with no luck getting past receptionist.

I ended up going to the walk in and was given 3 days worth of antibiotics, which started to ease, but I was adviced to go back to my doctors, which was another 33 days before I could get a telephone appointment only, she ordered full diabetic screening, and a full sti screening, went for my swabs, but none were viable, so ordered to be re tested, no appointments for 6 weeks for that, so I went to sexual health clinic which found nothing.
Diabetic screening was also clear.

I’ve treated myself for possible thrush, and I’m still suffering. It’s been 5 long months, anyone else had similar situation? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I’ve now not had sex with my hubby for 5 months, and I’m feeling the strain between us.

Any advice? X


Do you have a compromised immune system due to illness/medication or are pre-menopausal?

I am no expert but 3 days worth of antibiotics doesn’t seem enough.

Do you drink plenty of fluids? By that i mean plenty of water, to keep you hydrated and flush your system?

All i can suggest is that you insist on seeing your gp and maybe get a referral to see a gynaecologist or urologist, don’t let the idiot receptionists stop you. You have suffered long enough.

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Hey will

Nope, no pre existing conditions, or immune issues, apart from being fat.

I’m not the best drinker if I’m honest.

My doctors have taken the online book appointment off, so you can only get an appointment if you ring at 8.30, but by the time I get thro like 2 hours later, the appointments are gone, and am told to ring next day at 8.30, they also don’t do pre bookable appointments either.

I can’t move doctors as my son is awaiting assessments, and we’ve already been lost in the system due to covid.

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Since my wife had chemo/ radio therapy she had non stop water infections. Eventually she got a lovely GP who had our her on a continuous course of low dose anti biotics. Think this may be the way you need to go. Good luck.

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Walk in centres are only allowed to give 3 days antibiotics and it is never enough. I was a walking UTI for years, but my previous GP prescribed me a low dose antibiotic on any day I had sex. I also have enough a course of high dose antibiotics in case I do get a UTI, so I can kill it without having to get an appointment. Not much help to you @Justthetwoofus2007 at the moment, but the low dose has meant I haven’t had one for years now. Much love xx


Can you not just turn up and insist on an appointment?
I did wonder if you might have been spending so much time camming that you may not be drinking enough.

My OH had similar issues due to immunosuppressive drugs, coming off HRT etc. She insisted on a face to face appointment with a specific gp at our practice who she knew was good. She them explained how it was affecting both her physical and mental health and he got her back on HRT after she told him she knew the risks, and topical creams etc which have done the trick.

If you can’t get an appointment maybe return to the walk in centre?
I hope you can get yourself sorted.

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Could it be a reaction to the type of lube or toy materials you’ve been using maybe?


Echo what others have said 3 day course of antibiotics is normal. You really need a urine sample sent for culture so that you can be given the correct antibiotic as well as symptoms have persisted for so long. Assume you are in the UK. If so you could try 111 (it will be a long wait) as they can access the Gp appointment system and get you an appointment (not always however). Otherwise does your Gp offer an e-consult option? They must have more urgent appointments available I would have thought?

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My wife has worked out that 3 days are simply not enough (for some people) so it may be less but not fully go away, reoccurring only a short time later, stand your ground and ask for a longer course?


You really need to insist on an appointment. Urine infections that have been going on for this long are urgent and you shouldn’t be being left to suffer. Since it’s the weekend, I’d suggest phoning NHS 111. It can be a slow service but they are very good once you get a call back from a doctor. Make sure you tell them how long it’s been going on for, that you had 3 days of antibiotics (which, if it was a bad infection, probably wasn’t enough) and that you’re in pain and hopefully they will get you an out of hours appointment. In the mean time, drink plenty of water and avoid anything acidic (like concentrated fruit juice) because this can increase the stinging pain.

I don’t understand why your GP receptionist is refusing to give you an appointment, most surgeries have plenty of appointments available if you phone up as soon as they open (I mean straight away - mine open at 8.30 so I start calling at 8.29 or turn up at the surgery at 8.15 in person!) You could also ask for a nurse appointment because these can be easier to get. If they ask if it’s urgent, just say yes otherwise you won’t get an appointment. Also, check your GP website, mine have an online contact form so you can bypass the phone system completely although it can take a day or so to get a response. I hope you get this sorted @Justthetwoofus2007 :heart:

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My daughter has also been struggling with water infections. The 3 days of antibiotics didnt keep the infection away and after getting back in touch with doctors, the doctor gave her 7 days supply of antibiotics taking 3 tablets a day which have kept the infection away for the last couple of weeks.

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Miserable! Cut all sugar from diet and drop down carbs as the bugs and bacteria love sugar. Sometimes it isn’t bugs, but irritation and inflammation so ibuprofen can help. I have found homeopathic uva ursi helpful and from health food shop very high dose cranberry capsules. (Cranberry juice is supposed to be helpful but is full of sugar so can be counter productive.) Drown your system in water, 2-3 litres a day min to help flush kidneys. If they don’t send off your urine to the lab there is a high chance you were not on the correct antibiotics for the type of bacteria growing.

If it is a recurrent problem get them to scan for stones and ovarian problems too.

Consider osteo, chiropractor or bowen therapy for pelvic alignment which is often part of the cause of kinks in the tubes leading to infection.

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You mentioned on another thread on this site that your OH isn’t into foreplay. Please make sure you use lots of lube if this is still the case, as vaginal abrasion can contribute to genital-urinary discomfort. So can using toys if you are not aroused. Make sure it is a lube you can tolerate - maybe something simple with not many additives. Can you talk to your OH about this?


My surgery has their E consult switched off, and you can’t enter the surgery unless you have an appointment. There’s a door that you have to buzzer to enter, they don’t allow you to book appointments unless over the phone.

I’m gonna try again Monday.

Hubby’s idea of foreplay is lube lol very old fashioned I know, but he won’t change. X

Also, not sure if you do already pee before and after sex/ play and wipe front to back too :slight_smile:


I agree with @AJSTAR. It could be the toys and/or lube.

Any silicone toys without a motor, boil them to make sure there are no traces of bacteria. Any silicone toys with a motor, clean thoroughly with an anti bacterial cleaner and don’t use for a few days.

Any other material toys I would suggest binning and replacing, as these could be reintroducing the bacteria into your system.

With lube, it is possible to use the same type of lube for years with no issues and then suddenly find you are sensitive to it. It is also possible for lube to go off, so if you’ve had the bottle open for more than 12 months, I would suggest replacing it.

I’d also avoid any orgasm gels/balms etc. If the underlying cause is in your bloodstream, these types of products can prolong the issue by pulling more blood to the area.

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Yea gonna bin them, they’re all rather used now.

I left my web site 6th dec, so not used them
Much since.

I’m gonna try doctors again Monday, and fingers crossed they’ll test my water if nothing else.

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I won’t repeat what everyone else’s said as there’s already brilliant suggestions but to add, in my experience my doctor suggested I take uramet (or hiprex) which is basically an over the counter antibacterial supplement and safe to use ongoing, and safe to stop and start as you feel you need it unlike antibiotics. It’s not going to help a full on infection but, I have managed to fix my flare ups just with that, tons of water and ibuprofen.
Sometimes I take 2 a day, sometimes none, just depends on the day and the sex.
Also, if I don’t drink enough I can guarantee I’ll start burning by the end of the day or the morning after.
So in the meantime while you try get your appointment see if those eases the symptoms while you wait?

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That is very poor of the surgery. I assume surgery shut due to Covid. the vast majority of the country now have to work with Covid but some surgeries still use it as an excuse. Its so frustrating. No wonder the NHS is in such a state!! I suspect you would be better on a small preventative prescription which you would take long term. Overall a big saving for the NHS. @Justthetwoofus2007

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