Has anyone tried this or read any customer reviews on it. I'm definitely interested in getting one but would like to hear the opinion of someone who has got one.

Ditto- sounds a great idea, but waaay too expensive if it's going to be useless

Watch this space peeps - I got an email telling me my order had been shipped, so I'll be reviewing it soon! :-)

Eeeeep! Mucho excited to hear it, BBG.

Does anyone else feel jealous of BBGs SO right now? The lucky biatch lol.

Yeah, she's loving every inch of it! hehe. It'll be a, errrm - somewhat positive review! :-)

Yeah, I'm totally jealous. Eh, still looking for a fuckbuddy, BBG? (hint, hint)

Yeah, BBG, spill.

*taps foot impatiently*

I think it's very expensive, but if it worked it would probably be money well spent. Can't wait to hear about it!

Ok....I WANT ONE!!!

wow! this sounds amazing! i think I may well have to invest in one of these!

Sorry to keep you all in suspenders - I just wanted to do a thorough job since this toy is an expensive one!
I submitted my review last night and it's now live. Here you go:


You know you want one :-)




BBG- great review (I marked it as useful lol). Loving the extra technical stuff rather than just 'it wuz gud'. Thank you! *Hugs*

It's my birthday in Septmeber. I will be hinting a lot to the bloke!

W O W! I wish it wasn't so expensive (I'm a student and really shouldn't!)... If I had forseen it's release, I wouldn't have bothered with some of the second rate toys we've bought in the past and just plumped for that one. Looks like a great investment! Fantastic review, BBG!

Sounds fantastic! If only I had a sudden flood of cash INTO my account rather than out I could afford it...mind you I suppose I could rationalise it by saying its better to spend money on one quality item rather than lots of cheaper toys...hmm

What a great review! I will certainly be considering treating myself and man to this in the very near future :D

Do you think that orgasms can replace food for a month...?

"Do you think that orgasms can replace food for a month...?"

Sadly not - they use about 250 calories a time. Still, this could be your chance to go for size zero :-)

Thinking laterally (or do I mean horizontally?) I thought it could add something to the wearer's sensations when using a strapon so I ordered one for my lovely wife - flight trials tonight I hope!

Soooo.... expensive...

Think I can get my bf to buy it for me even though my birthday's not until Christmas?

Depends how good you are in bed shellyboo! lol

I wondered why I was losing weight. 250 calories a time, so I'm losing about 750 calories a session! :P