We want to try spanking what feeling do you get out of it

Me and the g/f would like to try this we are not sure if we would like it,but its something we really want to try,whats the best thing to buy as a starter

And why do you do it what feeling do you get out of it?

Just use your hand to start, that way you know how hard you're spanking her.
With a paddle or flogger you might not think it's very hard, but her bottom may think differently.

Laughing about my hand not what you have said, the reason my g/f is a bit worried if we do it by hand because ive got big hand and sometimes i dont reliaze the power of my hand lol

I dont seem to get much pain in my hand and sometimes i forget i might hurt her at times,many times ive thought i slapped my girls ass gently but she didn't agree

I've been the same. And just imagine what it'd be like with an inanimate object like a paddle? No feeling there at all. I also think hands are a bit softer.
Skin makes a good padding as opposed to leather or wood.

Very true

I think i must watch some films with spanking just to give me a idea of how to start it off

Anyone got any tips how do you start the spanking off

Also i like a look of those gently looking whips,i know i wouldn't want to be hit hard nor my g/f but i wonder how much of a turn on if it was gently put across my bum and my g/f's bum

Maybe better than the hand..

Start of using your hands. If after a while you want to use something else I'd recommend a soft whip.
This is the closest I could find to the one I own.
My fav spanking toy is my paddle <3 Especially when I'm wearing a butt plug. I think you'll be able to guess why. ^.^

That does look a nice starter Mmmmmm i think we could have fun with that

Yup I agree with the previous advice on using your hands. Then progress to a paddle of some sort. Better for the soft area of your bum, which will avoid you hurting each other. You get some with words pressed into them which mark the skin, which is fun if you're into that.

Spanking's just good for the kinky aspect and the endorphines it releases!

jezzer - I love a bit of spanking anyway, but agree with the others, start with your hand and invest in a nice spanking paddle and try it with that.

Also, you asked what feeling you get out of it... well me personally I love rough sex, being spanked and bitten (though not scratched) etc, so spanking gives the pleasure/pain feeling and gets all the right feelings going to my pussy.

Are you going to let your girlfriend try it on you too??

Thanks everyone

Oyes i want it to be tried on me aswell,i think i will like it

I tend to dominate my partner a lot. She likes that, and I'm fine with it.But if she wanted it the other way around I don't think it would work.
I have this thing with people telling me what to do, and it does my head in. It's like this in all aspects of my life, I like to be in control, a bit OCD.

Thankfully Im now limited to checking the doors locked about 3 times before I go to sleep.

So anyway, the connection to this thread was that I wouldn't enjoy a spanking. But it's my own fault.

Spanking's also good if you do like to be in power and control or if for a change you don't!

I spank my girlfriend. I just wouldn't be up for her spanking me. Maybe I'm too dominating.


GrayMatter- I'm the other way round. I like being spanked (although only experienced hands, cos I think I'd find a paddle too amusing. Whips could be fun) but couldn't be the spanker.

Actually, being a skinny white shortarse doesn't help- not exactly the iconic dominatrix image lol.

I dunno. If you're English it won't matter. All the porn on the net seems to have English dominatrices. Did the English invent BDSM or something? I always assumed it was the welsh.

it also depends on area sensitivity, 1st few times my partner tried it on me he went low down on the buttocks and thigh area and nearly got a face full of knuckles from me (turns out i have very sensitive thigh tops and they hurt more than even spanking my pussy) we did try it again later on with him working from the higher point of my bum and that seems to work
on the sensation front it does little for me on my bum, but spanking my breasts and the stimulation taht causes my nipples sends me wild
as with any new action, make sure you're not doing domething that will actually harm them (i'll let you off with bruises and scratch marks), if it sounds nuts or dangerous, dont entertain it and make sure your partner does actually want to try it (and isnt just oretending to make you happy as they will never enjoy it like that)

on bdsm dvds-germany seem to pump lots out but for an introduction you cannot beat the non-pornographic film "Preaching to the perverted"

Fantastic review for Spank Me in Aug issue of Scarlet Magazine...
The latest addition to Xcite's range is up to their ususal high standards. With diverse spanking stories from numerous Scarlet favourites including Jade Taylor and Liz Coldwell, if you like a firm hand - giving or receiving - you'' be gasping in no time. And even if spanking's not your kink, the 'straight' sex scenes are well written and hot enough to provide relief.

Im new to spanking. My OH has jokingly spanked me a few times lightly with his hand and it felt quite good. He is still very shy to the whole thing and I really want to encourage him to try it out more. Should I just ask for him to spank/hit me or is there another way to introduce this? He doesn't like it done to him, fair enough, but I am very keen

im also quite keen on the idea of been spanked, hubby has done it lightly before and i really enjoyed it but im the same as pb on this one, i dont know how to talk to him about introducing it into our sex more