Wearing lingerie and knickers

I am a happily married man who love wearing his wifes knickers and lingerie. I love lingerie shopping with her especially when she buys anything silky it tunrs me on. But how can I go about telling her that I wear it as well?
Do women like men wearing stuff like that?


My husband wears my lingerie and has his own collection but I have no issue with men wearing lingerie and feel it’s better than a lot of men’s underwear

I feel full briefs and high waisted knickers are best - but also like to see stocking and suspenders

Just go for it and shop together and pick something gir yourself… :lovehoney_heart: :stockings:


Thanks for the advice. Anything silky an not to tight is :ok_hand:


I enjoy wearing my OH’s lingerie and she is fine with it. Started by using her panties to rub myself with during sexy playtime, ended up wearing them!
I now have my own small collection of male and female lingerie, babydolls are one of my favourites. Just go for it and enjoy :wink:!


Some women do some women don’t. Sometimes they might not like it at first but if you tell them why you like it things could change.


I do but it does depend on the man and the lingerie. My sexual partner loves black stockings and lacy knickers and bodysuits and he’s really sexy in them.


They do feel sexy to wear :grin:


I got a massive collection and wear knickers every day but I love a babydoll - so sweet and sexy


It is really arousing to wear sexy g strings that are soft to touch and stretchy to allow it to be held in. Maybe buy some mens first then progress to females. ?
My girlfriend is so accepting.


Its not for me and I know my wife would seriously wonder why. However each to their own and if it floats your boat then go for it.


As mentioned in a similar thread each to their own, I know with my OH that this is a hard stop, she would not appreciate me dressed in lingerie.


As someone’s who’s been in the same boat as you, I feel for you, but the best advice is to be honest and open about it.

I had been hiding this from my gf for years and it had been eating up at me more and more over the last year. I kept wanting to tell her but so worried of the rejection or worse consequences.

However, after finally talking to her and explaining why, she started to understand, do some of her own research and now sees that its not a weird / gender related issue but that it is actually common. Men just won’t speak about it openly.

You say you’re happily married so there really shouldn’t be any negative repercussions. At worse she will say it’s not her thing but that you can keep doing it in your own time, as you have and at best she will encourage this, help you buy some more lingerie and incorporate however you want to.

But I strongly recommend opening up and strengthening that line of communication and trust with someone you should want to be open with.


I have dressed for the last 50 years or so with a break when i met new OH who is quite vanilla.One night whilst playing around she said my boobs were so big i should wear a bra so she put one of her old ones on me which had stretched a lot.I told her i enjoyed wearing it and made sure i gave her a good seeing to whilst i was in it telling her how naughty she was to make me wear it.Next day whilst lingerie shopping she asked about a particularly sexy babydoll she was looking at and if i would like to see her wearing it.I answered saying it was so sexy i wouldnt mind wearing it myself.We came away with one for each of us.From there i told her a little about my dressing but was shy to tell her.She loved the honesty and over the years we have now grown into a Female led lifestyle where i get Sissified 2 weeks a month and spend the rest of the month when at home dressed in lovely feminine clothes,both under and outer wear.Life has never been happier and the amount of sex we have is amazing.It is only clothing after all (albeit more of a life style for me) but some people are still so naive and narrow minded it’s difficult to believe this is 2023.Luckily things are improving and forums like this one at LH are great for bringing out into the open what is a very lovely side of love and sex.I am absolutely sure given the oppurtunity a lot of men would like to dress en femme to some degree or another.Just look at how eager so many guys want to attend events like The Rocky Horror Show when it does the rounds and you get an idea.People have a lot of hobbies and pleasures and actively pursue them so why deny such a gorgeous pleasure as this.


I cant say it does anything for me but me ex used to wear my underwear regularly. I didnt mind him doing so and he was doing it as he preferred the feel rather than a sexual thing. Everyone to their own in my opinion. In what is becoming a very fluid world, i dont think it will be long before clothes sections in shops are just that. No womens and mens sections, but just clothing.


Yes,that would be a great step forward.Have a lovely day.


So don’t she know or notice you’ve been wearing her knickers?

Thanks for the advice :+1:. Would be curious if she bought me some lol.

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I’m hoping to get my partner to help buy me some in actual shops. Ive started looking at stuff more openly on my phone so she can see.

Fingers cross for you.


Ye I been the same mind

Hey @Ghill1 great topic & discussion.
I totally agree with the advice that @Curious_cat23 has made that being open & honest is the best way forward.
I, like you, have had this desire to start owning & wearing my own women’s panties (nothing else just panties) for over 45 years after a very strict upbringing when nothing related to sex or sex education was discussed. My research was from mail order catalogs of the day and fell in love with seeing females in underwear and I think this is when my first thoughts of wearing panties began.

I’ve loved seeing my wife in nice sexy lingerie and always complement her on being so attractive and sexy, but harbored this secret desire to wear her panties myself but never had the courage until this week. What changed this? Realizing that I couldn’t go on keeping this a secret from my wife, I researched Dr Google for clinical, self-help guides as I thought I was ‘weird’ or ‘perverted’ or and wrong to be having these desires. What I found was loads of articles & videos (see below for some) pointing to the fact that I’m not alone, indeed there are many many males who have these same desires, and ina way it is perfectly ‘normal’, we just have to talk to our OH’s and work with their thoughts & boundaries to achieve this outcome. (I hope this makes sense?)

After a really difficult conversation with my wife earlier in the week, she laughed at first but saw I was deadly serious about this desire, and I pointed her to these articles to read. I then spoke again to her about her feelings and the idea that I own my own lingerie. She wasn’t mad on the idea and still doesn’t fully understand my “why” and didn’t understand why this has just cropped up after 32 years of happy marriage. So I told her my 45 year journey of keeping this secret and how I couldn’t continue without doing something about it.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to visit a ladies lingerie shop and purchased some panties for myself and a some for my wife as a gift. I told the assistant that I was shopping for my wife but felt a bit awkward, but she said that they get lots of men shopping for lingerie for their partners so it was normal. I didn’t have the courage to tell them that I was shopping for myself as well as my wife. Some things just have to remain a secret!!

Again she’s not jumping up & down with joy with my purchases , but I’m ecstatically happy and feel ‘complete’, and I’m hoping she’ll come around to this idea and help me shop in the future.

So my advice is to point her to these articles & videos and have that difficult conversation, you never know she might have always wanted to see you in her lingerie but was too afraid to say anything to you?

This video & advice is excellent. @Lovehoney_Sammi_Cole Lovehoney video “Why Do Men Wear Women’s Sexy Underwear?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FsdRrJBqhM

Katie & Laura’s website on “Men like to wear women’s Panties”: Katie & Laura's Fancy Satin Panties - Does your man like to wear women's Panties? We have some good news about men wearing girly Panties.

hernorm.com article discussing “My Husband Wears Panties: What Does It Mean?”: My Husband Wears Panties: What Does It Mean? - Her Norm

hernorm.com has lots of articles on this subject so search for the key term"panties" to find more helpful advice.

Another helpful website is PairedLife.com. Another helpful article: https://pairedlife.com/gender-sexuality/A-Man-In-A-Bra

Hope this helps you and others in realising your dreams and being happier.
Good Luck and let us know how it goes!!