Weirdest thing I've seen on LoveHoney so far...

Saying that I'd probably buy one just for the hell of it, it made me smile haha!

Agreed that's just weird!

My vote goes to this one; I think some of these need to be filmed for sex toys tv! Would be great to see them in action!

Ok, this is officially my favourite thing ever, next xmas everyone is getting this as a present from me! :oD

Ah well that's got a point obviously you can fantasise about Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.


Hee Johnny Depp, ducky style...


need i say any more? eek, I'm never going to show the soles of my feet in public again!

I love the fact that they take the trouble to colour the toenails... bit disturbing maybe, but made me chuckle :o)

wow... its like an Xmen mutation gone wrong...

/geek moment

I'm trying to think up something witty to say about this thing, but i'm lost for words. Is there a deluxe version with an arse round the back too?

I can't believe I didn't notice this till now...

Please tell me somebody has bought one haha! one of those for xmas! hope it was meant as a joke! I think the
lack of monkey ears means its an official CIA toy!

Haha amazing, that is the kind of thing more people should receive as a gift lol

Adds a new meaning to the phrase "Banging the Bush" do you think anyone has given him one? "My God, it's a goddamn faggot toy"...

I would laugh so hard. He's meant to be leaving office isn't he? Anyone got the whitehouse's address..?

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

I think it might be weedled out by some security inspection, they probably have a dustbin full. Or maybe they would just be so naive that they would think it is just a cute statue. We would have to send some lube and instructions with it.

step 1- remove from packaging
Step 2- remove lube from packaging
Step 3- get naked
step 4- lube up yourself plug
step 5- stick yourself plug where the sun doesn't shine

Maybe someone should have sent one to Tony Blair, would have amde a change for Bush to be up his ass all the time lol