What have been your best sexual moments/experiences/discoveries?

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Im interested to hear what was peoples best (to date) sexual moments / expirences/ relevation were. I have two that definitely helped drive my interest in the art for sex.

The first was when I made my at the time girlfirend cum and squirt it really opened my eyes to how a woman could be pleasured.

The second is my first proper blow job, eye contact, cheeky smile and did it without being asked.

Both of those were nearly 20 years ago but still are etched in my memory and definitely helped drive me to better myself in terms of understanding and ability.

So what expirences left their imprint on you


Giving a guy multiple prostate orgasms with my d*ck


Mine wasnt too long ago nut before weve split.
I have her oral and she came in a way id never seen before. Grabbing my head and pushing me in harder. Had such a buzz I carried on for round 2


I have been fortunate enough to have a few and cant choose just one.

The first time I had anal sex with the wife was amazing, it was her first anal sex experience and we both had a very intimate and passionate experience, we were completely in sync, it was hot, sweaty and intense. It was also the first time I came inside a womans behind.

Again with my wife the first time I made her squirt, we were fooling around with intermittent fingering and penetration, we didnt realise until after that she had squirted but the sheets looked like they had a few pints of water spilt on them, soaking!

A girl I was dating once gave me my only experience of deepthroat. We had just arrived at the camp ground and I had just erected the tent while she erected me. She proceeded to give me a BJ and we hadn’t even had time to zip up the tents door. As I was getting to the point of no return she took all of me into her throat and I exploded, this is the only time I received this and it was epic.
CF x


My first ‘big’ eureka moment was when i was about 20, tried giving a woman oral for the first time and found I absolutely loved giving. Happily I also immediately just got it and found a real talent for it. I have been told by almost every woman I have slept with that I am the best with my tongue that they’ve ever had. :stuck_out_tongue: My wife continues to enjoy the benefits to this day, decades later!

I also had a mind blowing moment the first time I slept with a former partner in my 20’s.
It was a real pinch yourself , I can’t believe this is happening kind of thing as she was (and still is) an A list celeb. She regularly featured in these lads mags ‘sexiest women in the world’ type lists that they used to run (not sure if that sort of thing is still in fashion). She never posed for them or anything like that but she was always well rated in those sort of polls. She is still well known and lusted after by many men now. Literally none of my mates believed me that I even met her let alone was going out with her… until I introduced her to them!

Men, just imagine the female celebrity / model / film star that you have wanted to shag for ever (you know, that number 1 spot on your list that the wife lets you have as a bit of a joke because there’s no way in hell it’s coming true :rofl:) Well, it came true for me, then we dated for about a year so it came true over and over and over again!


Making 2 women orgasm in a threesome scenario.

No I am not anything special it just worked out that way.


Opening up to my current partner to my love of BDSM and her being accepting of it. Even then, I wasn’t sure she was on board but we agreed to buy some stuff and play. I’ll never forget the trepidation as I walked into the room wearing a collar and cuffs thinking she may still reject me. I needn’t had worried. I was led on all 4’s to the spare room. Tied to the bed. Told to wait whilst she got changed into a wet look dress. Then when she came back she rode me until we both came.


Mine has got to be a couple of years ago after we first found LH and we started being more open to each other about what we liked. We had a great session where we did all the things we both liked. It went on for ages as the OH had taken something as at the time i had gone sex mad and at times he found it hard to keep up with me. It was one of our best sessions for me as it went on for a long time and we got to do some of the things we hadn’t done before, we also filmed ourselves and got to watch it back :grinning:


To narrow it down to just 1 is difficult!
Not that I have had loads of great experiences as there’s definitely more ahead (hopefully) but my 2 that I can think of are:

  1. Making my wife squirt for the first time! Had always dreamed of it but when it happened it was the most excited I’ve ever been - seeing her pleasured that way was incredible.
  2. I had been edged right up to orgasm a few times every night for a week and had been teased/edged for anything from 15 - 30 minutes. No cumming allowed until the 7th night when my wife tied me down on the bed, blindfolded me, and then proceeded to tease me by licking my nipples, using a pinwheel on me, using her nails on my body and then edged me for around an hour. She took the blindfold off a quarter of the way through so I could see her.
    When I cummed, it was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had in my life - more than my first ever one! I shot past my head onto the headboard behind me, and it just kept coming! I’ve wanted to do it again since and I’m sure you can understand why! It’s pure torture but in such a weird but amazing way it’s unexplainable.

I’m loving this thread mmmmm, so will throw mine in .

  • I had an encounter on a night out with a lovely couple, a Female and TV. We ended up back with them. The TV and myself had so much fun enjoying each other, and had amazing oral sex, whisky she watched and encouraged us xxxx

  • I was with a kong standing friend, who is also an amazing occasional FWB. We see each other infrequently, but have an amazing time when we do. No holes, or holds barred!! She gave me a Prostate massage whilst giving me an amazing BJ - I nearly fainted! :relaxed: … I will add, she is also a mature porn star! :wink:


Quite recently after 47 years married.

She finally and still reluctantly allowed me to rim her.

She was sitting on my face facing towards my feet and using a small bullet on her clitoris while I was rimming her and when she came she squirted for the first time ever. All over my face and chest. It was wonderful.

A day of firsts and something that is now a regular part of our relationship.



A great evening on the beach, drinks, fire, blankets, starry night, music, rechargeable wand and lots of teasing and loving…


Back in the early eighties.
New girlfriend who was extremely passinate and very sexually minded.
We were involved in very passionate kissing, when she opened my belt and zip to start wanking me off.
We were on a seatee and she was on top of me.
As she was applying touch to exactly the rright places , i told her shed better stop as i would cum over us both
All she did was up the speed of her actions and when i announced I was cumming , she immediately ducked down and took me in her mouth, sucking me with great intensity even after i had stopped spurting down her throat.
The feeling became too intense eventually, that i had to stop her.
She then continued to kiss me passionately which she seemed to be so turned on by , after subsequent oral action.
It was my first full blow job to completion… !!


I’ve got a couple that stand out.

• The first time we had sex. It’s when hubby made me realise how, and what sex is all about.

• The first time I received and gave oral. Also masturbation, solo and mutual.

• The first time I received anal, and have him finish in my bum.

• Giving me my first orgasms through PIV, as well as through oral and mutual masturbation. Also making me squirt for the first time.

• Exploring our sex life further, our kinks and fantasies. Especially our dom and sub side.


Single best ? Who could narrow it down to one ? About 40 years ago , my biker girlfriend the first time she tied me to the bed and blindfolded me and proceeded to have her way with me for several hours .
Also a one night stand with a particularly hard body nympho . We made love in her hot tub , on the bar and many other places . The second time I gave her an orgasm she passed out and did not snap right back . Checked her for a pulse after she stopped breathing , none . Just about to start CPR and she took a deep breath and started breathing and back to normal .
Another favorite was the first time my wife pegged me . Another where she tied me to the bed and was wearing a complete sexy outfit with stockings etc.


There are 2 stand out ones to me. First was an ex girlfriend who would swallow me everytime regardless of what we were doing ( oral, piv or anal) so so so erotic.
Second was making my current wife squirt for the first time. She was amazed and so was I. She now squirts everytime we have piv. Amazing.

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I posted this on another thread December 2020.

I have just had the best sex ever.

“Put on a LH black bra set and fishnet holdups. A sheer robe over the top and headed downstairs to Mr John. He didn’t know where to look first. Had me PIV all shapes downstairs and came on my boobs. Then he said “come here you” and carried on. Then ordered me upstairs for anal in front of our full length mirror. Mind blown and jelly legs”.

This remains one of my best ever I think. :heart:


Can not narrow it down to only one.

  1. Making my wife squirt by oral and massaging her g-spot. Took a quite some practice to make it happen but when it happend we where both over joyed. Was the most intense orgasm she even had

  2. Is the very first time she anally fisted my ass. Was such an amazing feeling her hand getting sucked when she was past the widest point. It was so intense and intimate at the same time.

These are absolutely the most memorable sexual moments

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Don’t think you can narrow it down to one thing. Finding out about aneros prostate massagers is up there for me. Greatly improved solo play. The sex we were having when my wife fell pregnant this time was up with the best we’ve had. I’m talking mutual oral, masturbation, her wearing some of the lingerie I’d bought her and some passionate sex. Was great. But now thats it for a couole of years I’m dreading, thats how long it was when we had our first child​:thinking:


I can’t narrow it to one moment but I can narrow it to one person who I have had the best sexual moments of my life with.

I don’t know what it was about him, from the first day we met - he was a fab friend, we planned to go on a hike for a social, we were in my bed within an hour of him picking me up - it was the best sex and the most sexually free I have ever felt in my life. I knew this was very different when I closed the door after he left. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life.

We have experienced a lot of firsts together. A lot of things we have done together have been things that have lived in the depths of our depravity, never expecting to live them out. Knife play, blood play and most recently needle play.

Meeting him has been my single best sexual moment.