What is the strangest/naughtiest place you have done the deed?

Me and my OH used to not care where we did it we even managed one time while we was both working for the same place and also in a hospital as well, Where would your strange or naughty place be?

First BJ in a cinema. I don't really like risky places but fuck me it was good!

My OH isnt really into being naughty outside the house so the most ive done with my partner is in the back of the car.

As for in my younger days was in a park on a bridge in the obsticle course

Not really into wreird/public places...I'd rather be somewhere comfortable and private so we can be as loud and filthy as we want for as long as we want! We did once do it in a room filled with our sleeping friends though and that was ace!


Probably in a field out the back of the student residences when I was at uni. It was dark and raining...

BJ in the bushes on the south bank...

WOW where have we not done it ....have done it in the same room as our friends. in a church yard...on back of a bus .on the last train home from blackpool ,,,that was so horny xxx

on a footpath on the coastal walk was a windy ol bj

Bj in a lift
Hand job on a national express coach
Sex in the back of a cab, a public toilet (not recommended) and at a friends house as we were still talking to her (we were lying on the couch and I slipped in under her dress)

evening dboy

I gave an ex a bj in the cinema once.... and i have had sex outside a few times

Always a pleasure lmd

We had sex in our toilet while our daughter was sleeping in the roo . Lots of oral in a small space. Lovely

tried it on the beach in january in the snow (needed a pin to find it)

lickmadick wrote:

tried it on the beach in january in the snow (needed a pin to find it)

Lol tht must have been very cold and daring

veryyyyyy cold so daring my dick didn't want to show his head lol

Lol im not suprised.... he must have shriveled lol

went back in to cold lol


i didn't really fancy her anyway's it was a spur of the moment but the spurs came off so too speak lmao