What’s the longest?

Thinking about going to work with my butt plug or love in tomorrow! Make me feel so horny and naughty! What’s the longest anyone has ever kept one in for?

I myself have done 2 hours, but I’m still very new to anal play…

Alot of people will be able to give you the advice you will require, but if you look at my thread called 'butt plugs and sleeping it will pretty much tell you the do’s and don’ts and what to expect with long term wear.


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Slept with mine in for 5-6 hours maybe? Wearing one around the house during the day maybe 2-3 hours. Out and about (shopping & running errands) 1.5hrs.

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I’ve worn mine on many occasions throughout the day for a good 8 hours or so at the weekend.
I find a metal plug coupled with an oil based lube works well and have never had the need to remove it and reapply lube.


That’s impressive. I’ve needed to reapply a couple times but it was water based and on a silicon plug. Unfortunately it had a rounded handle vice a t-handle so it wasn’t exactly ideal for all day wear.

Any recommendations on a metal plug with a t-handle? Haven’t ever seen one actually. All the metal ones seem to have round jeweled handles.

I have a Doxy plug sold on lovehoney site, I was lucky enough to be chosen to test it out in exchange for a review. The one I was sent is only very slightly different from the one on the website now, mine has a few subtle ribs around the base. It’s my favourite plug but doesn’t have the t bar base. I too have been looking for one with such a base, maybe something for the good folks a lovehoney to look into.

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I’ve worn mine for about 10 hours at a time. Again, not a water based lube and a very comfy plug.

I’ve worn a medium glass plug all day (8.00am - 11.00pm) using silicone lube,

For obvious reasons I had to remove, clean and re-lube it a couple of times during the day but otherwise it was fine.

I’ve kept a silicone and a glass plug in for a couple of hours comfortably. I prefer the glass for longer term wear as the shape of the silicone one I have doesn’t stay put very well, while the glass one stays perfectly once muscles have tightened back around it (longer, thinner neck with a good bulb on the glass one, compared to a chunkier all over silicone shape)


Here you go - Butt plugs and sleeping :slightly_smiling_face: