What to do with boots?

I asked hubby for some knee high boots for xmas - for work. He suggested we go shopping (never happens!) to find some.

He made a comment on the way home that I should wear them in the bedroom before wearing them to the office. When I asked why he said something like “to make sure they fit”.

Am wondering if he has a bit of a thing for boots… I’m happy to give it a go - any suggestions on what to wear them with in the bedroom? How do you take them off without completely ruining the mood?!


I’m a massive fan of a fishnet bodystocking and these go so well with boots/heels. Super sexy too so I would highly recommend that.

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May be you don’t take them off, it may be all he wants you to wear? I think you need to chat more. One thought I have just had was to wear a Santa suit with the boots may be on Christmas morning, that would be a lovely surprise. @mrsleigh


Think they look sexy with stockings and nice lingerie. He could take them off slowly as a warm up.

Black stockings and suspenders with crotchless knickers and black knee high boots at first covered by the LH black lace robe.Slowly open the robe to reveal all and then lay down in bed still wearing them all.Smile and say what are you waiting for and get ready for a fantastic night.Well done to you both and welcome to the forum :smiley:


Keep the boots on. Wear a Basque or bustier with a thong or G string (at first). That would definitely do it for me


I feel like I always struggle to style my ankle or knee boots when I’m heading out

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First hello :wave:t2: and welcome @mrsleig .

I’d say wear anything or even nothing. And definitely keep them on.


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Oh @mrsleigh - he wants you to dominate him in the bedroom

Wear black underwear- full kit with stockings suspenders bra and knickers with high boots and don’t forget the paddle / crop

I feel he is a naughty boy - you go girl :lovehoney_heart: :paddle: :stockings: :stockings:


100% that is so hot :hot_face: @batjamboree


Wow, that’s a hell of a plan @batjamboree.


Thong and thigh high boots, no better combination in my opinion! The boots have to stay on! :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:


@mrsleigh I bought my wife some boots years ago (I love footwear in general, had more money at the time and liked treating her). We saw them in a shop … I said I’d buy them if she let me shag her in them.

When we got home she put them on, took off her underwear, lifted her skirt and bent herself over the table. Pretty simple.

I don’t have a ‘thing’ for boots. It was just sexy and super exciting. Your man doesn’t be have to have a fetish etc … he might just like the idea too.

Often when people say “in the bedroom”, it’s just a nicer way of asking “can I f*** you?”


For me, the sexiest thing is being asked.
Some great ideas above.
But try asking him. He might be thrilled to have the conversation with you and the opportunity to let you know what turns him on.
Could be you naked with boots, or it might be you dressed as Wonder Woman with boots.
Or both and ten other outfits too!
That’s a conversation I’d enjoy with my wife :blush:


@mrsleigh Hello and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like a great idea to test them out in the bedroom first.

Don’t worry about taking them off. Keeping them on will add to the fun, and hopefully generate some kinky memories of your first time wearing them.

You could wear almost anything that allows easy access. Short skirt, stockings and suspenders, sexy underwear. Enjoy making memories in those kinky boots.


Don’t take them off, keep them on!


I know i do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thats on hell of a hot outfit :hot_face: @Wood_Wow

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That is soooo hot

I need to get myself some fu*k me boots


i dont see it as a problem, if its good enough for holly willoughby to wear heels for bedroom stuff if all fine anyone