What was your first dirty movie?

Thinking back to a sheltered childhood (bus shelter, taxi shelter...), the first hardcore pr0n movie I saw was when my sister and her boyfriend rented something called Insatiable.

I didn't really understand what was going on and don't remember much about it, other than extreme close-up of the leading lady diddling herself silly.

Anyone else got any fond memories of their first porn experiences?

Insatiable. Marylin Chambers - what a babe!!! Take a look at "Behind The Green Door" if you liked Insatiable. It's a classic. I have copies of both.

First porn experience was in the video room at the back of a Private sex shop I sneaked into when I was 15. The film was of a blonde having oral sex with another girl. I've loved girl on girl sex ever since!

Ahh the sweet memories of first porn. A friend's dad was a policeman: part of a confiscated batch was "The Love Boat" the porn version of course. with other stuff including the late great John Holmes .got watched and copied so many times was barely watchable....
And I now have a pathological hatred of 1970's minge...
still, like most people, skip the plot and get straight to it.

I first got into pron through my ex boyfriend and the first one i watched was a Lily Thai one and she is still my fav actress to this day

Who can forget 'Backpackers' starring, er, some people or other?

Not the first, but probably the funniest...

linda lovelace in deep throat, a bit tame for today but for a kid in the 70`s quite eye opening

Ahh, another classic! I'm not old enough to have seen them when they came out, but the old films do have a certain charm! Oh, and Sex Chimp - how could you watch Insatiable and not remember the amazing deep throat scene with Marilyn Chambers draped over a pool table?!!!

well the first sexy dirty movie i watched was when i was ermmmm 8 years old, my uncle had the old cinefilm projector and had a few reels of film and one day he put one on and i watched it and it was emmenuelle, the one where she gets stuck on the tap in the airplane toilet lol sorry cant remember the number of that one, have to say that now im older and have seen it since, it was very tame and very dated but still good lol, and deep throat oh god that makes me laugh when i see it now..Lucylou

haha my first porn is a funny story! I never really considered porn, but I bought a TV from asda... and obviously somebody had returned it as it came with a rather fuzzy and distorted porn video! I went to put a video in, realised there was already one in there... so I hit play! Porn was the last thing I expected but even though it was bad quality, it was a real turn on!! Possibly as it was so unexpected!

The first one I bought was from Amazon, and I should've realised I wanted something harder. It was a soft porn one from Playboy and it's truly cringeworthy. Very much a 'watch with your boyfriend coz he wants to'- all shots of the women and nothing of the men- pah! Very boring, tame and cring-worthy. I've still got it if anyone wants it?!

Yep - Amazon porn is a total rip off alright! They have the cheek to advertise 397 hardcore titles too! Should be shut down by trading standards! You need a licence to sell R rated (hardcore) films in the UK, and Amazon don't have one. All their films are 18, which is totally tame.

Amazon have ZERO porn films worth spending money on.

Yet they now sell sex toys! Which I thought was hilarious when I first found out. Not bad prices but I do prefer Love Honey.

Try getting any sort of information whatsoever on what it is they're selling though - if you buy a sex toy from Amazon you're taking a complete gamble. I'll stick to Lovehoney.

Hmmm it's not that bad and they do reviews. Love Honey is just very good when it comes to specific details. Many other sex shops have much less. Ann Summers can be terrible for info on its website.

Yeah, the main thing that attracted me to Love Honey in the first place was that they had indepth details about dimensions, whereas almost everywhere else I found was pretty crap for that.

> Bath-Bi-Guy

Amusingly, Insatiable had a chunk of Behind The Green Door at the end of the tape. All I remember is a girl on a trapeze-type swing and a black guy with a big cock. Hi-larious.

Yes, LoveHoney does go out of its way to take weight-and-measures of everything it sells, right down to the distances that remote controls work over and whether they work through walls...!

my first pron experience was when i was about 8 id say, we got sent to bed for being naughty or whatever and i sneaked back downstairs and theres a gap between the door and the first chair in the lounge where id sit, i cant remeber the name or anything but this bloke meets a girl at her birthday party, typical american where everyones gorgeous (think it was a themed movie type poorn) but she was wearing a plastic type bikini that he ripped off of her and they'd meet up everyday after for wilk sex. it always stuck in my mind one scene where she was sitting on the landing window sil (sp?)naked but holding an enormous chick teddybear between her legs, like it was huge and she said something fitting with the whole holding the chick thing (cant remember what tho).
i never did get caught and watched it all the way through lol

lol... My first porn experience was when I was 13 I was at home with my bro, he went to bed and I was waiting for mi mum to come home from the pub...I was looking for something to watch on Sky tv and went to the high channles and there was something like 30 mins of free porn, There were these 2 women oiling eachother up one had on crotchless panties and kept on opening her legs... I was slightly freaked out but crurious at the same time... I just wish there were a couple of men in it. :P

:O omg that sounds awful... was you sick? I would have been YUK.. although it stirs a strange curiosity in me :S

*Makes mental note never to enter a darkened room with happycamper*