What would you regard as perverted?

My OH and I often have conversations about perversions.

The conclusion is always on person's perversion is another's pleasure.

So what would you not be prepared to do in a loving relationship..where is the line for you?

We would never indulge in scat play,it;s a step to far for both of us....

Over to you

what exactly is scat play?

I supose I would never try the whole ern urinating thing

Scat play refers to using faeces in sexual activities. I'm not into it myself but one man's meat is another man's poison!

Oooh thats almost as stranfe as the clown fetish

strange not stranfe

I wouldn't expect a search to have brought this up with its odd title but you might be interested to read :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/12698-i-would-do-anything-for-love-but-i-wont-do/


For me it's a simple matter of not being detrimental for a person. If someone likes to fuck hoovers or likes to pay to be kicked in the balls as long as that person is mentally stable then it's fine and just an outlet, if admittedly an odd outlet.

If someone is has a sex addiction through good old fashion regular sex it is still a perversion, as are people in BDSM relationships who just crave any attention.

As long as something is healthy then it goes.

whats healthy with eating the brown stuff or being peed on?

OMG Iv'e just discovered that clowns are worse than scat LOL

Thanks crag630 I cannot get that image out of my mind....painted faces and curly wigs yeuchhhhh

lol I found out about on a tv show called sexcetra

crag630 wrote:

whats healthy with eating the brown stuff or being peed on?

It's something that works for some people with no adverse effects. Historically oral, anal and masturbation have been seen as unhealthy. Some people enjoy sweat, smegma, urine or what ever. They are certainly not for me but we all have our kinks.

It's an interesting subject,I love the whole watersports thing and given the chance will play on more than one occasion every day,it's more of a dom/sub thing than pee drinking.Humiliation makes me go weak at the knees

and this provides an ideal outlet for switch roles

I suppose its probably something that I just never will understand but historically did you know that Spartans were open about homosexuality and embraced it. However I do wonder what the oh would look like as a clown

I think it's a case of a little of what u fancy does u good! (Benefits mental health)

I thought of another thing what about when the women have that time of the month doing it then I suppose

There are things I personally wouldn't do (say, scat), and there are things I believe to be morally wrong (in that I believe sex needs to be between consenting partners of an adult age), but nothing I'd necessarily call "peverted". Maybe that's just because I believe the term has been manipulated and hijacked by a sexually repressed, overly conservative voice in society...

As for kinks in general, I think they're fantastic. They're like flavours of ice cream, you know? ;)

I do agree with each to their own, but yeah skat is probably a border I draw the line at, I would have to say it would be defined as perverted: "deviating greatly from what is regarded as normal" I see nothing wrong with it morally, as like I said each to their own, but it is not normal, accepted behaviour.

See, I do have issues with concepts of normality as it is highly subjective and very much subject to societal influence, social conditioning etc... perhaps what people 'expect' to be normal isn't as much as they may think etc?

Not that I have a problem with being a deviant, I just question the data :P

It's less the acts and more the effects - anything which does not support and foster good mental and physical health has to be a no-no. This will vary from relationship to relationship.

Anything non-consensual.

I'd also personally draw the line at scat, vomit, blood-letting, needles, most kinds of D/s mind-games, anything which causes Mrs M pain, or triggering her gag reflex. But that's just me, and I wouldn't necessarily label many of those "perverted".

I would say, anything which goes between two adults, who both consented and it is not permanently damaging is up to them. We all have fetishes. It may not be for me, but may be for someone else.

I think the line for me is although I am submissive, the line for me is no pain apart from spanking and some clamps (but not too tight and not too long) and no humiliation etc. Although others may enjoy it.