whats your fav boobs, bum, legs, etc? POLL!

right whats your favorite thing on someone? this is for everyone so join in!
my OH loves ma bum hes deff a bum guy! and funnily enough i love his so im a bum gal i suppose!
what do you love most?

Bums and boobs. Not really a leg man. I mean they're sexy, but they don't turn me on.

Penis'! (Peni? what IS the pural of penis?!)

Boobs are my favourite girly bit. Love mine, as does the bloke.
On men its shoulders for some reason.


Bums and Boobs here, some feet, but not all. :-)

love a nice back on a man..and bum

An arse man here, usually the first thing I notice is a nice well defined arse... and nice eyes lol, not to sound too shallow... :oD

Got to be Bum and Boobs, my wife has a fantastic arse and rack.

Bit of an all over bloke but breasts do it for me!!!

Bum on men, but also nice hands/arms and teeth (yeah I'm weird)

Have to admit I'm another bum man! Not that I waste a lot of time on the looks! But the feel, the feel!!!!
Oh, and yes, eyes are rather nice too. Thanks for reminding me Punkboy...

How about shoulders, where I live there are loads of surfers & you cant get away from lovely tanned broad shoulders with fit arms. mmmm..

Cold shower time K and J

Legs get me going! Also like shoulder / neckline too!

Back from the cold shower, now where were we... shoulders, or shall we move onto freckles, now we are talking. Or maybe flat stomachs, iron hard suntanned stomachs, oooo. Better still freckly stomachs.

Ergh- gimmie the beer barrel over the six pack any day!

A little padding makes for a much nicer bottom when you have someone special sitting on your lap, nothing worse than a bony arse haha! :op

I love a good ass on a person, male or female. Rounded, a little pert... delicious. I also love breasts, but really, any type are good, including the occasional mamtits. :) I'm with crayola, I like a beer belly on my guys!

Well Im officially a breast man. Mammary glands are entirley my thing. I love a good arse or pair of legs as much as the next guy but Jugs are the key. Then again if a girl has a stupendous feature (such as a female friend of mine who has an arse that can make a nun cream) then any man can sway

I love nice broad shoulders on a man, a nice beer belly and I bit of hair (not talking a rug, but a thickish scattering is lovely). On women, definitely boobs for me - anyone seen the scene in "Krystal Method" with Jenna Jamieson and Krystal? INCREDIBLE boobs, they just ake you want to have a feel - even though they're fakes!