What's your fave toy and why?

Hey all,

I noticed on a previous thread people where posting toys that they use daily and was thinking that it would perhaps be a good idea to find out what your faves are.

If we do this it might help others to find the best toys for future purchases


What is your fave LH toy? (include link)

Why is it so good?

My fave is the http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15149

Why is it so good? Its Solid, individual, pretty and warms up to body temp. Perfect for rubbing against the skin too.


This is my fave. It may not look like much but i absolutely love it! Ive taken it on holiday, it lives in my bag in the day and on my dresser at night! Its cute, its small, but its suprisingly powerful! Definately my favourite toy of the moment!

hopefully the lh dotty glass dildo we have one due tomorrow fingers x

lol shame with toys there isnt sum sort of portal so it magically appears in your room :p

I've answered here:


damn didnt see that :( good spotting WandA xxx

Fetish Fantasy chair pad... you strap it onto a chair or milk crate, and ride it to orgasm after orgasm...