What's your pubic hairstyle?

Just wondered what the style of choice is for both girls and guys?
mine is trimmed but not shaven. tried shaving it once and really hurt my balls when went stubbly.
i keep trying to get the Mrs to go fully shaven but she is reluctant so has a strip.

i think fully shaven women can look really wierd..its like they havent reached puberty yet..definately not the look for me..im just nicely trimmed :D

what kinda shape?
i know what your saying about it looking like not reached puberty but it looks great on the pornstars

sometimes it looks on but on the average woman i think it'd just make me think i was a with a 12 year old if i was a bloke. just the normal kinda shape lol

whats normal?

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well i sometimes go completly shaven but most of the time i just have a thin line/ strip kinda thing

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i wish we could display pics on this forum! lol

hi every one i allways shave or imac because its so much nicer and hyginick and my partner thinks the same thorts and when ive been cleen shaven by my partner i clean shave his bits and pieces two we prefer it x

I prefer my wife shaven, she does shave often, she wants me to shave, however, being slightly hairy anyway, i think i will look very silly, lol, oh well, you never know til you try :o)

I love to keep mine bald at all times. I love the way it looks and feels.

I'm fully shaven too. Kinda feel like I have to since I have a tattoo that looks silly if it gets a beard lol

Whats the tattoo?

trimmed- I hate shaving all the time and the day after stuble. I'd love to get stencils and shave my pubes in a 4 leaf clover design :)

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well they do say if you shave your manly pieces that it looks a little longer lol but whats great is when i give him a nice tongue massage! the feel is so much nicer and his balls are really silky and smooth so it makes it much nicer for both of us and he says it feels so much more sensual for him, give it a go you and your partner will love it

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Thats it then, Where's the razor! hmm... i think i'll go for the electric one, much safer, lol.

I have a cats face with a rose each side of it. the cat's jaw is so low it's beneath the hairline.
Not the most pleasent of experiences to get, but it looks cool :D

I keep mine shaven, it feels so much better than havin a load of hair there and my partner prefers it too

Thanks for the discription Sally.

go on Mustang Sally post a pic of the tattoo!

Keep my shaft, balls and ass crack clean with a trim on top and the sides clean - a broad strip is probably a good description