Where to buy pure Vegetable drinks

What do you think of Tescos vs Innocent?

The frozen spinach comes in balls and I put a few balls in to anything that I’m making that’s got a sauce.
I’m reheated salted chilli chicken leftovers from last night and added a spinach ball to that, thanks for the reminder! I don’t really taste it to be honest but I like knowing it’s there.

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@JoCat Hard to compare as they were different drinks both were nice, as Innocent cost more I would quite happily buy the Tesco one, sometimes you can taste the difference in cheaper drinks but I found nothing to dislike. :+1: So Tesco for the win.

Thanks about the spinach, when I had a look on tescos website I just saw a bag of spinach leaves. I’m definitely trying for a year of healthy eating :blush:

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You can get it in the bags like that and eat it raw and use it in salads or sandwiches but the iron and calcium are higher if you cook it. The frozen spinach balls make it really handy.

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Am I searching for spinach wrong on the tescos website, it doesn’t come up with spinach balls​:thinking:

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Search ‘Tesco Leaf Spinach’, its £1.60 a bag. I put 3 balls in bolognese and couldn’t taste it, its really handy and I feel like I’m being all healthy :rofl:

:joy: I thought you meant they sell them in balls that’s why i couldn’t find them​:see_no_evil: Yea I found the bags thanks​:slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Just enlarged the picture it is balls​:joy:

They should rename them spinach balls :rofl:

I’m now on the Actimel delicious taste. :+1:

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