Which one????

Hello friends on OA!! Please can you help me (again)! I'm new to intimate shaving following an over cooked bikini line (don't laugh). Well, I've discovered I quite like it so I'd like to remain bare down there!!! Can I have some advice on razor's? I'm using a Ladies disposable at the moment and I was wondering do I buy Ladies or Mens? Which works best? All help gratefully received and used.THANKS Love Bubs.

Oooh, interesting... I shaved for the first time the other week and the resulting redness from my regular razor was so gross! I'd rather be hairy than icky and razor rashed! Maybe I'll try this instead...

You think you have problems Bubs - try having dangly bits! I'll be interested to hear the advice too...

OOOOOOO!!! A lot more rounded edges eh!! Well I'd not be having this problem if I was n't so over zealous in my shaving!! It started out routinely enough, and I over shaved one side,so, I shaved a bit more of the other side and the rest as they say is history!!! I was cross to start with and a little embarassed, as I've never been completely "bare down there", but, I have to admit I like it now, and once Hubby had got over his fit of the giggles which lasted ages I might add, he quite likes it too!!! Tell you what it's made foreplay interesting!!! Enough said!! So BBG,if I may call you that? What do you use to shave with? Can you give me any tips for a smooth shave? I like the look of happycampers suggestion, THANKS sweetheart.Love you all loads Bubs.

I used a Whal ladygroom (£5 from Superdrug). It's great because it has one of those things to set lengths with, like mens hair shavers, so you can't take too much off, but the length thing also comes off so you can go completely bare. I recommend using shavinging oil to lube the blade if you do that though- lot smoother and less tearing out of hair!

hurrah, thanks crayola!! Sounds like a perfect solution - especially since I just took a chunk out of my baby finger with the razor while having another go at down-there-haircare :(

No problem hon :)

THANKS crayola, sounds perfect for a lousy shaver like me!!! I've never been that good at it that's why I was always trimmed before, but,I'll give anything a go to keep it the way it is now.

Quick tip - I've found that I no longer get any horrible looking ingrowing hairs if I exfoliate every day after shaving. The hairs seem to grow back more slowly too.

Hair growing back in quickly is my biggest problem. Cheers for the tip!

Can I ask what you use to exfoliate with? Mine grows back so quickly I need to shave everyday sometimes twice a day to keep it really smooth. THANKS everyone you're brilliant!!

Hmm, body shop cocoa butter body scrub for me. Although the little scrubby bits go EVERYWHERE. Not noticing that it's helping with the ingrown hairs, to be honest... but then I'm not shaving every day. Should I be? Why weren't we taught this bit when we were starting to shave our legs, too?!

Buffy the backside slayer?! OMG. As a Buffy fangirl since the start this cracks me up.

I use a body shop face exfoliation gel, and I'd recommend using facial ones as they are much gentler on skin than ones intended for the hard skin on your feet, etc. The last thing you want is to rub yourself red raw in the process!

THANK-YOU everyone I'm much more confident now with my routine!!!
Love Bubs

Bubbles hiya again, must admit like mine trimmed but have tried shaved bare and was'nt comfy with it....think its an age thing, shaved pussy even in the 90's as far I know was almost unheard of....now it seems to be compulsory !!

I've got the Smoothshave and it's wicked. You just trim the hair right down woth the trimmer then use the shaver dry with talc and end up nice and smooth! You can use it anywhere (absolutely anywhere!)so it's brilliant for travelling with too. It takes a while to get used to, bit fiddly to start with but you don't get any nasty ingrown hairs either. Yay!

I personally use a Schick Quattro for women and Coochy Cream shaving cream, which is divine. Oddly enough, I've heard people have good luck with disposable Daisy razors.

Hrm I can't use a razor anywhere above the knee... I get the worst rash!
However to avoid it but still be nice and smooth I use immac/veet - just the orriginal stuff in the pink tube. Then after washing it off put on some sudocreame on straight after. I would give it a day before someone gets really up close and personal (I can immagine a mouth full of sudocreame doesnt taste that good), but its stops any rash or itching!

I wish my wife would go bald down there. I love it!!