Which part of your body do you love?

Inspired by the fabulous photos in the members lingerie thread and in the spirit of self-love, which part of your body do you like the most?

I love my flat stomach and my small perfectly formed boobs are a close second :grin:


My hair simply because I shave it clean off ! Nothing else I particularly like


I love my clit. It is without a doubt my favourite physical part of my body :heart_eyes: :biting_lip:

I like my boobs and bum and I generally feel satisfied with my body as a whole - I think everyone should - but my ‘little man in a boat’ is my favourite piece of me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Absolutely nothing. Every inch of my body I hate. But for some bizarre, strange reason, that is beyond me, he loves every inch of my body. God knows why :woman_shrugging:


Awe nooo, your as bad as my OH, need to look at yourself with happy eyes not critical eyes

Hmmm myself, young looks even though I’m getting on lol, although the grey hairs are sneaking in


Had to think about this one for a long time, gradually working down a rather depressing checklist of “nope…nope…nope…nope” until…

I think my nipples are cute. I like the way they look and I like playing with 'em. Can’t show 'em off here of course, cos of forum rules, but trust me they’re tweakably adorable. :wink:


I like my hazel eyes, even after they altered due to my meds. they don’t change colour as much as they used to tragically (i miss that) but now look even more unusual if possible. Ended up as a really unique golden green and Look like they belong on a big cat rather than a human.
I like my breasts, theyre a really nice shape and i also like my smile, not me teeth nesisarily, more the way it lights my face up


Sound amazing to me. The flat stomach is something you have to work on to maintain. Love the idea of the small perfectly formed boobs. A perfect package I’d say. @Saffron18

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Not much, though I have symmetry issues so I like my face, boobs and vagina are perfectly symmetrical.


Thank you :kissing_heart: think I’m getting better than what I was, even to uploading photos on here

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At 12 stone, pretty much all of it. At my current 14 stone, not much. We’re back at SW so hopefully I’ll be back to my nice weight soon.

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I saw your photos they are hot :fire:


Nothing, despise myself.

Thank you :kissing_heart: it’s nice to hear others say it apart from hubby :joy:

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. I’ve always had this…self-loathing, probably goes along with the depression & bpd. Heyho

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Once I lose about 10kg for health reasons, I’ll be more content and will see more of that classic inverted-triangle, upper-body thing going on instead of the lumpy-potato-in-a-sack look. Other than that, my old fella would be my fave body part; always keeps me entertained and keeps Sexterminatrix 100% happy (although, like most guys, I wouldn’t mind a little bit more, purely so one can “give” more if that makes sense!).

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I’ve never been one to love my own body. I do have a pretty nice dad bod I guess. It shows I workout but I like to have fun. And maybe my dimples. There’s a few things that are decent but nothing over the top. I’m trying though, I truly am :laughing:


My Eyes definitely with my Bum in close second


I quite like my stomach and arms. I clearly like them enough to upload pics :rofl::rofl:. Try to keep on top of the fitness but sometimes can’t be bothered haha.


Don’t know why cos your beard is sexy! As is a Scottish accent.