Who bought the first sex toy in your relationship?

Hey everyone,

There's new poll about sex toys on the Lovehoney Blog.

We're interested in finding out who bought the first sex toy in your relationship - whether it was the woman, the man or if you bought it together.

We would love to know which sex toy it was too, so please vote, post and discuss.

I just want to say a little thank you to everyone who voted in our last poll about female ejaculation - it was a surprising result!

Gem Xx

yay, good one, i voted, i bought the first sex toy and it was a vibe

Voted! "She did".

I stumbled onto this site by looking for a sex toy for my OH, My first ever experience with sex toys... We discussed the idea together but I took the leap into purchasing the lotus feature sex in a can. I thought it would particularly be useful as we're in a LDR. Of course many more purchases were made after that first buy.

http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=19123 (I bought the older version of the can).

I don't know if I should vote on my own poll... but I am a Lovehoney customer too and have been for years

I voted: "She did" ...although I can't remember what it was!


I brought the first toys, some handcuffs, a paddle, a cock ring and a rabbit.

I buy all our toys at the moment, just due to how funds work out. First things I bought him were a butt plug and some cock rings. So yup, definitely "She did"

I did/do/always do - so far.

Go me for leading, not being lead ;)

I voted we did together. I own this account, so technically it was me, but it was something we agreed upon as getting and he actually paid for it. And it was a bullet vibe, for me to use, as I used to struggle more with orgasms more than I do now and vibe was the best option, bullet especially as it could be slipped between us.

We both already owned toys before we got together, so I guess I'll say 'both'.

My very first sex toy purchase was many years ago. I had to coax my then-partner into taking me to an adult shop (this was back before the days of e-commerce), where I nervously purchased a classic ladyfinger style vibe that ended up being poor quality and doing very little for me. Some years later, I went on my own and had better success. Then some years after that, discovered Lovehoney.

First was a joint decision after my bf said he would be going away and we bought a rabbit which he chose because he liked it the best :)

As a couple, our first toys were bought together. A load of bondage gear (suspension cuffs, normal cuffs, crop, gag etc) if my memory serves me correctly - says a lot for the focus of our first few months together!

Since then, most things are at least jointly decided upon even if one of us actually does the ordering.

My first ever toy was bought by me but it was recommended by my then partner. I got a rabbit as he knew several girls that had them and thought they were wonderful so it seemed like a safe first toy to buy. I was pretty pleased by it :)

It was a joint thing if I remember correctly. Some time and a suitcase full of other buys may be clouding the memory though.

I broached the idea of purchasing one, since owning a toy had been on my mind pretty much since the onset of puberty. But we researched, chose and purchased together :)

I picked out and bought the first toy, though it was kind of a joint agreement we should get one. At the beginning we were moving through new things to do pretty quickly. Eventually we got to a point where I was asking him what else we could try, and he told me he couldn't really think of anything that didn't require additional equipment. So, additional equipment it was!

Only ever bought one for my ex gf (not from here) a standard size pink vibrator. Never really sure if she liked it... hopefully she used it on her own?

I bought my wife her first vibrator. It was in the mid-1990s when there was little choice (well before the rabbit vibe gained its big break on "Sex and the City"). By today's standards, it was a rather horrid product: a plastic tube covered with a smelly and creased layer of flesh-coloured silicone rubber, which gave it an unsatisfactory resemblance to a decrepit penis, and with a noisy motor inside. It did the job to some extent for my wife, but it didn't give her any strong orgasms.

A few years later, I bought my wife one of the first rabbit vibes when they appeared on the market. It worked much better for her (wow!) and opened up a whole new avenue in sex toy play for the two of us.

Yes, it was me , 4 vibes which I subsequently broke

Bought my first toys while I was single and had to 'confess' to my toybox when I met OH

Started with a RO 80 and a rabbit from AS - goes to wash mouth out with soap


In all honestly, although I have a rabbit, it's just too unfamiliar from the real thing for my liking

i did it was a white 5 inch thing that looked like a chemist's item for inserting enema's