Who buys the toys in your relationship

Who buys the toys in your relationship
Ladies would you like it if you partner
Bought toys for you to use,as a surprise without your knowledge
Have you liked his/her choice have there been some
You wouldn't dream of buying yourself and refused to use them.

The wife didn't dismiss the thought of using one when the subject was
So I bought the vibrator and dildos I thought she'd like and up to date see
Hasn't been disappointed
She has also chosen some for her self

I on the other hand hand have chosen all my toys including
Fleshlights and anal toy

I have always brought my own toys I would of loved it if my ex would of brought them for me . Is nice to get a surprise .

We both tend to buy them

OH bought me a wand for christmas as a surprise and mmmmmmm!

Always me! But he has paid for some - I've just always picked them!

i onlu have one and i got it myself. he tends to buy the shoes :)

We both buy the toys but my girlfriend does it more often.

We both buy the toys. We mostly buy our own, and it varies who buys the more couply ones, but occasionally we get each other gifts. I think every gift he's got me has been something he knows I want, though; I'm a bit of a fusspot.

My OH has brought one or two but I usually buy them for her


We both do, but the OH does get me some as a suprise sometimes which is nice :)


I've bought all my own so far, perhaps I'll be surprised in the future!

my wife

I always seem to buy the toys online, although the OH sometimes suggests them if we go into a shop instead........

Lovehoney for me all the way though, so I come online and find it on here instead!! :)

We both seem to buy them, either for our selves or as a surprise for each other. Trouble is we have a joint pay pal account so we know if the other has purchased anything from LH.

Depends on the toy lol

We both seem to buy them

I have only ever bought toys for myself but would love it if a partner got me a surprise.

I buy/bought 99% of the toys we have. Including the 4 or 5 for him. It is a pretty large collection too, Oh dear, someones in trouble later now I realise!! :D

We buy most Toys together but I am the only one who buy's toys as a surprise. I wish she would buy for me but not holding my breath.

Considering that the OH in my relationship is my mind... :-)

He ( heatseekher ) buys them all, must confess apart from the Hitachi i don't even know what their names are.....i end up referring to ' the pink one' or the purple one......i've come to realise what a LH box/package looks like and know when the postie delivers one that some surpise is in the air.....