Who buys the toys in your relationship

I do

i do

me seen as though I am single !

Usually me even when its toys for him but we like looking for toys together and i always love anything he does get me.

usually me

We look and choose 99% together we normally buy a secret gift for each other at Christmas but normally we look and choose together but then I buy. I'm normally the one that orders things or if we need to ring and ask a question that's me.

I do

We both do, but at the moment me more than her.

It used to be a joint thing, but now I usually have a look at what is around and judge it against what has worked for us before.

I am hoping the next guy is 50/50 me buying for him him buying for me and them buying together

KinkyFuckery wrote:

I am hoping the next guy is 50/50 me buying for him him buying for me and them buying together

Best way to do it that, you both get to pick a few things that you both may enjoy :)

I buy them as I'm pretty easily put off something by the texture or colour (mild OCD about something's)

I tend to be the one to buy them and surprise him, but I would love him to surprise me with something. Would massively turn me on.

I've always bought my own toys...my ex's havent really been into them much, apart from the odd occasion (sadly)

I would much rather be presented with a glass dildo on valentines day than a bunch of roses, not that i actually do anything on v.day but still....nice thought!

I've bought them all, some have been surprises, but others have been chosen when we have browsed the site together and liked the look of something.

Miss Steele - With you there roses die within a week and glass is not just for V day its for a life time lol

Tturtle - yeah both get to enjoy them together for sure and also can make it quiet fun too, just a random day something turning up to play with .

i generally do, occasionally oh says what she loike then i get them :)

I buy or get given the toys. I converse with my OH when it is something for him/us. I would like it if he got a surprise gift but only if he used my wishlists as I have tried a lot of toys.

Usually me.

If it's something for both of us i make a shortlist and then we choose together from that.

Both of us

Depends really what the toy is / who it is for on who actually orders it